The NFC East offensive power is strong. The teams are more closely matched than some other divisions, and the Cowboys and the Giants are easily in the top 10 of all NFL teams. It’s time to take a closer look at the offensive power rankings now that the draft is done and season rosters are completed.

Washington Redskins 4th in the NFC East Offensive Power Ranking

The Redskins took some hits in the offseason, losing wide receivers Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. There’s no easy way to sell it, other than to say that the Washington offense will likely not be on the same level that it was last season.To offset the loss of two of their best players, the team have taken Terrelle Pryor. Once one of the most promising rookies in the NFL, Pryor now has good experience behind him, with five different teams in the league. Pryor is not likely to immediately make up for the loss of both Garcon and Jackson, but he can be a solid performer, and combined with sophomore Josh Doctson the team will at least have two serviceable wide receivers.The Redskins also have Kirk Cousins. His importance to the team cannot be exaggerated, and it’s almost inexcusable that at this stage, he still doesn’t have any kind of long term agreement with the Redskins. While Cousins always maintains impeccable composure off the field, there’s potential that a souring relationship and perceived lack of confidence from the team executives could impact his performance on the field. If negotiations don’t get better, then this could be Cousins’ last year with the team. Which would only hurt the offense as they need more stability moving forward.The Redskins have potential on their side and they also have experience. Terrelle Pryor will bring a type of physicality to the game that is hard to defend against. But… there’s no ignoring the fact that their offense is the weakest in the NFC East.

Philadelphia Eagles 3rd in the NFC East Offensive Power Ranking

Carson Wentz is a quarterback who needed more support on his offensive side, and this season he is going to get it. The offseason was used to build up the offensive team so that the Eagles have a shot at the division title and a place in the playoffs.Wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey was signed to the team. He was considered one of the top free agents in the sport, and it may even surprise some fans that the Eagles were able to secure his services. There has also been some excellent speed added to the team in the form of Torrey Smith. Smith brings plenty of experience with him, and he should help to boost the passing game.The Eagles biggest problem this year, will be their running game. It simply doesn’t live up to the rest of the offense, so there is work to do for offensive coordinator Frank Reich as he tries to get more out of Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews.We haven’t yet seen the best of what Wentz has to offer. Now that he has a better foundation around him, this Eagles team has the potential to surprise people this year.

Dallas Cowboys 2nd in the NFC East Offensive Power Ranking

The most exciting thing to come out of the Cowboys in 2016 would have to be Dak Prescott. He was named the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and he used his rookie opportunity to show the team that he is, without question, their best quarterback.Prescott was not the only impressive rookie last year. Ezekiel Elliot came into the team and then led the whole NFL in rushing for his first year. The Cowboys definitely chose well with these two players, and in their sophomore year they are only expected to get better.Prescott in quarterback has plenty to work with, including Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant. Where their offense is strong, it is terrifyingly good. However, it’s a lack of complete talent that keeps them behind the giants in this ranking. The Cowboys have three hugely impressive players along with some good players, whereas the Giants have a complete offensive team made up of some of the best in the sport.

New York Giants 1st in the NFC East Offensive Power Ranking

The Giants have an excellent passing game from Sterling Shepard and Odell Beckham Jr. Now that the team has added Brandon Marshall in wide receiver, things can only get better. The team also drafted in a quality rookie with Evan Engram, and we may see the tight end in rotation early in the year.Overall, there haven’t been huge changes to the offensive line, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Eli Manning is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and there’s nothing to suggest that he’s not going to be able to perform at the highest level this year. He wasn’t quite on form last year, but he has the support around him to excel, and it wouldn’t be a total surprise to see him hitting MVP-level figures in his stats this year.If there’s room for improvement in the team, it will need to come from the running back. There are a number of options that the Giants have, including Shane Vereen, Paul Perkins, and Wayne Gallman. Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan will need to develop and identify the best from these three.The Giants have the offense to win the NFC East and go further into the competition. They also have one of the strongest defenses in the league, so 2017 looks promising for New York fans.