Selection Sunday is now just a few days away, after which March Madness will get rolling next Tuesday, March 13. What this means is that you are running out of time to get your National Champion winning wagers in, assuming you want to get the very best betting odds available. Most people who follow college basketball already have their potential winner picked out, but there are many more who are probably still sitting on the fence a little. If you are in that group, then read on to get a closer look at 2018 March Madness betting odds.


Virginia Cavaliers

Odds to win: +600
The Cavaliers are undeniably the team to beat heading into the tournament, simply because they have been so difficult to beat all season long. This is a team that only dropped 2 games this season, and they are also the best defensive team in the nation, averaging just 52.8 PPG against. The Virginia Cavaliers are truly deserving of their #1 ranking and are going to be a very tough out, regardless of who they play.




Villanova Wildcats

Odds to win: +575
It’s easy to forget that it has been just two years since the Wildcats became National Champions. They were once again spectacular in the regular season, ending the year in the #2 spot behind Virginia. This is a team that will be looking to make amends for their early exit from the tournament last year, so look for them to make a deep run.




Duke Blue Devils

Odds to win: +625
You can’t talk about successful college basketball programs without mentioning the Duke Blue Devils, a team that has been to the Final Four on 16 different occasions, including a national championship back in 2015. It is the Blue Devils offensive output that gets a lot of the headlines, but this is also a team that is giving up less than 70 PPG this season.




Michigan State Spartans

Odds to win: +575
It’s amazing how often a team that heads into the postseason with momentum on their side goes on to make a deep run. The Michigan State Spartans very much fit that bill, as they went on a run in the final weeks of the regular season that saw them move up to the #4 ranking in the country. That run took them to a regular season Big Ten title, and it has them in as one of the favorites to win it all this year.




Kansas Jayhawks

Odds to win: +1700
The Jayhawks are one of the most iconic programs in college basketball, and they are long overdue for a National Championship, with their last win coming in 2008. Kansas is a team that you do not want to get into a shootout with, as they are among the most potently offensive teams heading into March Madness. Definitely worth a look at a very good price.




Michigan Wolverines

Odds to win: +1500
Casual college basketball bettors often choose teams that they know more about than most when the tournament begins. It’s not an awful way to pick a winner, but it could mean missing out on a legitimate dark horse tea. This year, it is the Michigan Wolverines who fit nicely into that dark horse category, as they finished the season on fire. Definitely, one to watch here.



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