What’s the best way to bet on the underdogs in NCAAF Betting? Straight bets in any sport can be a simple way to bet, with little fuss or risk necessary. However, if you’re looking for something more exciting and with better chances to win, even on the underdogs, you can’t beat going for the spread.

There are a few one sided games coming up in college football this weekend, but there are also some that should be close enough to make betting on the underdog a worthwhile prospect. If you’ve been looking to diversify away from the NFL or your other main sports, or even if you’re a regular College Football bettor and are looking for some of the latest picks, these four spread bets would be a great starting point for Week 8.

Memphis Tigers vs Houston Cougars (Thursday October 19)

Memphis goes into this game with a spread of (+3 -115), giving Houston a slight advantage in the odds as favorites. Although a number of conservative analysts are siding with the Cougars, there’s a very real possibility that Memphis could create an upset here. They have the better offense of both teams, which is evident in the fact that the Tigers have only had a sub-30 point game once in the entire season. Quarterback Riley Fergurson works extremely well with wide out Anthony Miller, making them one of the strongest offensive pairings in all of college football.

The Houston Cougars don’t have the same quality on offense, and their defense is hardly top tier. Quarterback Kyle Postma can be productive, and running back Duke Catalon can be dangerous, but we wouldn’t rank them to be on the same level as the Tigers.

Bet on Memphis for this game. Their odds have the better payout and if their offense is as good as it has been for the majority of this year, they’ll be able to create an upset against Houston.

Memphis Tigers

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Texas Longhorns (Saturday October 21)

The spread odds on Texas are currently (+7 -115) ahead of their game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. This might be considered one of the riskier underdog bets, but it’s one that could pay off. Most analysts at this stage are picking the Longhorns to win the game. The big question is whether they can win by a significant margin.

The longhorns season has been up and down, but they do have a promising defense which has been able to remain competitive against some stronger teams. The Cowboys do have a strong offense, so the relatively solid Longhorns defense is going to come into play here. One critical factor is that the Cowboys defense is lacking, and can easily break down when under pressure. The Longhorns should be able to create this pressure, which will give them a convincing win over the Cowboys.

Bleacher Report is one of the largest sports networks picking Texas for the win, predicting 33 – 27 at the end of the fourth quarter. This definitely inspires some confidence and makes Texas the best bet in this game.

Texas Longhorns

Iowa State Cyclones vs Texas Tech Red Raiders (Saturday October 21)

The spread on the Iowa State Cyclones is sitting at (+6 -110) ahead of this weekend’s game. Based on how the Cyclones have been performing recently, they won’t just stay within the spread to make them a winning bet, but they should be able to beat Texas Tech on Saturday.

This game is going to see two teams that have strong passing games and confident offenses. If either of these teams get locked into a rhythm, then they can usually manage the rest of the game and come out with a win. This could mean something of a deadlock when it comes to points, especially if both teams would be matched defensively.

The key here is that they aren’t, and Iowa State definitely has the upper hand when it comes to defense. Texas Tech has lost twice this season against teams in the Top 12, and those losses were squarely down to their lack of a competent defense. Iowa State will be able to exploit this weakness for the win, making a (+6 -110) spread quite appealing for anyone who will be betting on college football this weekend.

Iowa State Cyclones

Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (Saturday October 21)

Although technically the riskiest of our picks today, the final score could be close enough to make a bet on Wake Forest (+6½ -110) worthwhile. There’s no question that the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are going to win this game, but to win by six points might be a stretch for them.

Because both of these teams have strong defensive sides, the matchup will be closer than most people think. Both teams are following on from losses in their previous games, which means that they’re both going to take to the field with something to prove. There will be tension on the field, and this could be one of the most exciting games of the weekend, and has the potential to turn into an ugly grind (and we mean that in a way that makes for good football!). Wake Forest has the slight advantage on defense here, which will be necessary for them to keep Georgia Tech contained as much as possible.

Sure, the Yellow Jackets will eventually wear down that defense, but it’s not going to be enough to create a blowout on the scoreboard. We expect Wake Forest to stay within six points of Georgia Tech, and that makes them our final underdog betting pick for College Football in Week 8.