For the first time in League of Legends history, a North American team may come out on top of the World Championship Group Stage. Today we’ll break down the most profitable bets you can place and take advantage of the eSports odds to profit from the 4 teams that make up Group D in the League of Legends World Championship. You know our angle already, we’re backing Team SoloMid to completely dominate the group stage, upsetting highly regarded international teams like Flash Wolves and Team WE.

Why Should We Trust TSM?

Not only did Team SoloMid let us down at the Mid-Season Invitational, where they went 1-1 against Flash Wolves in the Group Stage and then lost the tiebreaker match against them to qualify for the Knockout Stage; they also let us down immediately after, during the first weeks of the NA LCS. However, a lot has changed since. For starters, the meta-game has lined up quite nicely with TSM’s current line-up. Let’s take a look…

TSM Hauntzer

Top Laner – Hauntzer
Although his Camille was feared across the NA LCS during the Spring Season, Hauntzer remains a solid tank player. Giving him champions like Shen, Maokai, Gnar and even Kled, provides TSM’s top laner with enough hard engage and resilience to go for dives and contest objectives how TSM does it best.

Jungler – Svenskeren
Throughout the entirety of 2017, Sven has played Gragas a total of 17 times in competitive play. While the champion received some nerfs to his kit in the last couple of patches, it remains a solid pick for TSM’s jungler due to his aggressive options early in the game as well as decent scaling through out the mid and late game. Sejuani and Jarvan continue to be the strongest champions to jungle with. However, their ban-rate was so high during day 1 (83% and 67% respectively) of the group stage, that we hardly think they’ll be left open.

Mid Laner – Bjergsen
The legendary Bjergsen is in a perfect spot for this group stage. Syndra, Cassiopeia, Orianna and Taliyah are the 4 champions he played the most this year and they’re all very strong champions to control the mid lane with. Syndra has lots of winning lanes that will allow Sven to provide resources to other laners, Cassiopeia melts tanks which are popular picks in this meta, Orianna is great at enabling Sejuani and swinging team-fights in the right direction, and Taliyah can threaten other lanes with its roaming capabilities, especially if paired up with the likes of Shen in the op lane.

AD Carry – Doublelift
Doublelift has played Kallista a laughable 2 times this year in competitive play. However, the spectral champion was banned 100% of the games on day 1 of the championship. Tristana is Doublelift’s strongest weapon at the moment and champions like Varus aren’t only strong in the current meta, but they also tie in nicely with TSM’s team-fight oriented style.

Support – Biofrost
Biofrost plays a great Lulu, Braum and Thresh. These are all champions that play nicely with Doublelift’s champion pool and could potentially allow him to go for the sorts of Kog’Maw. Biofrost has more tricks up his sleeve though. Allistar could be picked up, but also Taric might make an appearance to further strengthen team-fights and contesting objectives.

Is Team WE Superior to TSM?

Our favorite analyst from the LoL Pro League, Indiana “Froskurinn” Black has stated multiples times that although Team WE was the #3 seed from the Chinese teams, they’re the team with the highest ceiling, the true #1 team. In League of Legends, China has proven to be superior than North America countless times, and even then Team WE didn’t look that great against Latin America North’s Lyon Gaming.

Historically speaking, Team WE also tends to vacillate when contesting important objectives, which is something TSM does very well. In fact, this is the main reason why we’re putting our eggs in the TSM basket. Their style of play counters both Flash Wolves and Team WE’s style, and they’re simply superior than Misfits in nearly every way measurable. At the end of the day, we expect TSM to take advantage of the meta-game and Team WE’s shaky performance to dominate the group entirely.

WE Mystic

How do we Profit From all this?

Group Betting

Team WorldElite: +125
Team SoloMid: +200
Flash Wolves: +333
Misfits: +1200

Flash Wolves vs. Team SoloMid

Flash Wolves: +115
Team SoloMid: -138
Date/Time: Fri, Oct 6, 3:00 a.m.

Team SoloMid vs. Team WorldElite

Team SoloMid: +100
Team WorldElite: -138
Date/Time: Sat, Oct 7, 3:00 a.m.

How Else Can I Boost my Bankroll With eSports?

The other groups in the League of Legends World Championship seem pretty straightforward. You can take advantage of live in-play bets but the schedules are harsh and it requires a certain amount of game knowledge to understand when a team can make a comeback and take advantage of shifting odds. Their are, of course, other eSports events happening right now, but as of now our main focus is on the League of Legends World Championship. Want extra tip? Take a close look at Fnatic’s games. They’re posted as favorites on a handful of matches but their performance has been in decline lately so there’s definitely some money to be made there.