If you’re a Tennessee Titans fan to any extent, then one of your greatest concerns has been whether or not they are going to make it to the playoffs. If you remember, the last time they took that field was in 2008, against the Pittsburg Steelers and won 31-14. Ever since then, we’ve all been patiently waiting for them to prove themselves again, and this year, they definitely have the firepower to pull it off. Marcus Mariota AND Wesley Woodyard are just two examples, and we’re pretty sure that there will be plenty more surprises to come. The biggest problem is the loss of cornerback Jason McCourty (when we say loss, we actually mean they sacked him), and they brought in Manny Abad as a replacement.We’re not sure how that’s going to work out for them in the long term, as far as the rest of the season is concerned, but their 17-24 win against the Texans may very well set the tone, or at least we can hope. They might even win some double-digit games.

Something that really did help them was the two picks in the first draft round, giving them a much more efficient roster overall. Is it actually going to help them to prevail in their toughest game of the season? That really does remain to be seen, but they did manage to get Eric Decker under a one year contract for wide receiver, so they should have some momentum going into 2017. They’re not off to a bad start. So, all in all, the Tennessee Titans really could be a significant threat this year, but as always, we could be surprised. We really hope we see them on the playoff field, but you never know.

Tennessee Titans’s Toughest Game: Week 11 – Pittsburgh Steelers

The Tennessee Titans are definitely going to be dealing with some tough customers this year, but there is little doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be among the toughest. If you look at some of their other nasty upcoming games, you’ll see that most of them are played on their own home field, and as Richard Janvrin from Bleacher report has pointed out, the Steelers offense is one of the most feared across the entire division, and the game for that matter. If the Titans have any secret weapons hidden away, then Week 11 would be the time to pull them out.

Make it or Break It: Week 3 – Seattle Seahawks / Week 1: Oakland Raiders

The Tennessee Titans are going to start their season with the Oakland raiders on September 10, but they’re going to quickly move into Week 3, where they’ll face the Seattle Seahawks, both of which are very good teams. Given that these games are within two weeks of eachother, Richard Janvrin preducts that they’re going to have a hard time. The good news, is that the Titans aren’t exactly in the gutter with their win record, having victories over both the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs at away games last season. Bottom line: the Titans need to show that they’re a serious threat, and the best way to do that, is by taking out either the Seahawks or the Raiders. If they can do both, they’re going to be well on their way.

Marcus Mariota May Overtake Luck

We all know that Luck is an amazing quarterback, but could Marcus Mariota actually manage to overtake him? It’s pretty big speculation, as we all know, but Mariota does stand a good chance. There are a few requirements that he will need to fill, according to Houston Texans reporter, Sarah Barshop. First of all, he needs to stay healthy, which means no freak accidents on the field. The last thing the Titans need right now is to have Mariota benched for half the season. Secondly, he needs to lead his team to a division title. Here’s the thing about Luck: he’s the best quarterback in the division, but he’s not being backed by the best team. Mariota has been carrying the Titans for a while, and if there’s a significant roster change, then there’s no reason that he can’t significantly improve his game and take a huge leap forward in 2017. It’s anyone’s game now. Of course, there are plenty of naysayers, like Michael DiRocco, who says that yes, Mariotta could take a giant leap forward, but right now he has 11 fumbles and has thrown six fewer interceptions than luck, despite the fact that he’s played in five more games.

It’s hard to tell what is going to happen this season, but you can rest assured that it’s going to be interesting. The roster is looking strong, and there is a good chance that the Titans are going to march right into the playoffs. If they’re your favorite team, then there’s little doubt that you’re going to want to keep an eye on them this season. Like we said, they’re off to a pretty good start.

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