The 2017 World Series is shaping up to be a classic that might well end up going the distance. As such, it probably a little ridiculous to start talking about the 2018 season, but with some bookies already releasing MLB betting odds for the 2018 World Series, we would be remiss if we didn’t take some time to do a little crystal ball gazing and come up with some MLB Picks.

This is purely an exercise in fun, as the chances of the teams we are going to talk about could change dramatically with the arrival of the offseason and big free agent moves. With all that said, if Sports Illustrated can pick the Houston Astros as 2017 champs 3 years in advance, surely we can pick some favorites a year ahead of schedule.

LA Dodgers

As I write this piece, the Dodgers find themselves in a 2-3 hole in the World Series, but with the final two games to be played at home, they are still in this thing. The core group of players on this team is still under contract through 2018, but that doesn’t mean that the Dodgers won’t add new talent. This is a team that is not afraid to spend a lot of money, and they may be tempted to do just that if they come up a little short this season. I think they will end up starting the year as favorite to win the 2018 World Series.

Houston Astros

Like I said earlier, this season was one that many people saw coming, as the Astros have been developing their young talent for the past 3 years. With so many of their players still to reach their prime, this is a team that could be very good for many years to come. If the Astros do make changes, it will likely be on the pitching staff, which could do with a bit of an upgrade. If they get some big-name starters in the fold, this team is going to be tough to beat in 2018.

Houston Astros

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs will look at 2017 as a disappointment, as they failed to defend their World Series crown. The Cubs have already shown that they mean business this offseason, with a large portion of the coaching staff being handed their walking papers. The core of this team is still young and still very good, and I think that the Cubs will be very active in the offseason as they try to build around that core. 2018 could well prove to be a bounce-back year for the Cubbies.

Cleveland Indians

There was a time this season where we all looked at the Cleveland Indians as the team to beat in the playoffs, but they perhaps came into the postseason a little too confident. They certainly took the Yankees too lightly, and it cost them. Cleveland did have some injuries to contend with in 2017, and if they can stay healthy next year, I think they can make a series run at the crown. Almost all of their best players are under contract through 2018.

Cleveland Indians

New York Yankees

2017 was something of a fairytale year for the Yankees, as they definitely overperformed. That little taste of playoff success will have them hungry for more, so look for them to build their team around rookie sensation Aaron Judge. They will also be looking for a new manager, with Joe Girardi moving on after their playoff exit. This team needs a little bit of work, but they have the money to make it happen.