The road to the 2017 MLB World Series is getting shorter, and with teams finished up with non-waiver trades, it’s time to take a look at some predictions for the winner. There are a number of contenders who could make it to the World Series this year, and technically any one of these could end up being the champions.We’ve based these potential teams not only on odds, but also on their performance so far and the quality of their rosters. If you’re thinking about making any early pics on the World Series in 2017, then these are the teams that you need to be choosing from.

MLB World Series Contenders:

#10 Kansas City Royals

Kansas City are currently second in the Central Division of the American League. The trade season could have provided plenty of opportunity for a future team in Kansas, but the team instead chose to keep the players that have been bringing them strong results since 2014. They’re only just behind Cleveland in their division and are the best option for outside contenders in this race to the World Series.Kansas didn’t take anyone noteworthy players in trade, aside from Melky Cabrera who will be joining the team from the White Sox.

#9 Colorado Rockies

The Rockies have been going about this season aiming for wins and seemingly not looking too far ahead into the competition. This has worked out well for them, and they’ve had a solid 67 – 54 record in mid-August. They’re in a tough division with both Arizona and the LA Dodgers, but they’re the kind of team that will keep on grinding no matter how much the odds are against them. They’ve strengthened their team with new acquisitions Jonathan Lucroy as well as All-Star Pat Neshek.

#8 Arizona Diamondbacks

In the same division as Colorado and LA, the Diamondbacks have had to put in consistently strong performances to maintain their second place division ranking up to August. While there’s no chance of them catching LA, they could easily be wild-card contenders, and it wouldn’t be impossible for that to take them all the way to the World Series. Unfortunately for rivals like Colorado, their ultimate chances depend on how well this Diamondbacks team does. With a pitcher like Zack Greinke, they’re on a good path.

#7 New York Yankees

The Yankees know that they are behind the Red Sox, and they’ve been smart before the trade deadline to secure players like Tommy Kahnle, Todd Frazier, and David Robertson. Another important addition was Sonny Gray, a player who has said that he’s ‘very excited’ for the rest of the season, after the team won in his first outing with New York. They can be wildcard contenders but don’t expect this team to make it to the World Series through the most direct route.

#6 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox have maintained a strong winning record throughout the year, and they’ve gone on some good streaks while also having good winning percentages in 10 game runs. Quite simply, they’ve been dominating in the American League East. Before the trade deadline they brought in Eduardo Nunez, as well as Addison Reed. They can definitely win their division, and the odds on them to win the World Series are close to those for the Cleveland Indians.

#5 Cleveland Indians

For last year’s deadline the Indians went all in to strengthen their ranks. This year, they felt that they have enough talent within the squad and that big trades weren’t necessary. The team reasoned that they have a number of top players returning from injury, which should be plenty to give them the squad that they need as they start to look towards the MLB World Series. Cleveland are winning in the American League Central Division, and they’re also defending champs for the AL. With the Cubs finally winning another World Series, the Indians are now the team with the longest drought in the sport, and they’ll be hoping to change that, this season. As our 5th most likely to take the World Series, they have a decent chance of doing so.

#4 Washington Nationals

Favorites to win the National League, the Nats will also have the MLB World Series on their radar. Max Scherzer is now back after recovering from injury, but the team is still waiting for recoveries from Trea Turner and Stephen Strasburg. Their offense is arguably the best in the league, with players like Ryan Zimmerman and Bryce Harper. They’ve also added trade players Brandon Kintzler, Sean Doolittle, and Ryan Madson. If they can get out of the division series, and it’s likely they will, then it could be time for their very first World Series title.

#3 Chicago Cubs

The defending champions were picked earlier in the year to be MLB World Series contenders, and they’ve managed to make it this far while still remaining in contention. They started off relatively slowly and many of their performances could be described as uninspiring. They maintain a winning record in the National League Central Division, and have a winning record both on the road and at home. They’ve now added Jose Quintana, Alex Avila, and Justin Wilson, hoping to strengthen the team and take them to a consecutive World Series title.

#2 Houston Astros

The Astros didn’t try to change the team up too much before the deadline, feeling that their current squad is as good as it can get. They’ve got the strongest run diff. and the best record in the American League, and their playoff campaign will be solid with all of the talent that they currently have. They’ve got the second best odds in the MLB to win the World Series, making them favorites right next to LA.

#1 Los Angeles Dodgers

If you didn’t predict the Dodgers in the top spot of this list, then you may not have been watching baseball for the past couple of months. Their current record is better than any other team in the sport, (85 – 34 as of August 18), and their run differential is mightily impressive. They already had the best team in the MLB and they’ve just made it even better with the addition of Yu Darvish, arguably the best right handed pitcher in the sport. Once Clayton Kershaw is back to full health, this team will be near unstoppable and are the strongest favorites to win the World Series this year.