With the post season underway and the world series fast approaching, it’s time to take a look at some updated power rankings for MLB betting. These are the 6 teams that are statistically most likely to get to the world series, at least when compared to the Wild Card entries. Of course, only two teams will make it through to the finals, and there’s currently two clear cut leaders. Here are our power rankings along with top players for the MLB post season in 2017.

Top 6 MLB Picks to win the World Series

Boston Red Sox – 6th Overall – American League East Champions

The Boston Red Sox were chased closely by the Yankees throughout the season, but still ended up as the AL East Champions for the year. A 93 – 69 record is impressive if not the best that you’ll see in the playoff teams, but they thoroughly deserve their place in the post season. The challenge for the Red Sox will be maintaining a strong offense, as they seem to have lost some potency when compared to the team that they had last year. The rotation is also not hugely impressive, with some injuries and high ERA players like Eduardo Rodriguez and Rick Porcello.

Doug Fister could be important in the post season, as he has a lot of experience here and usually improves his playing when the games matter more. On offense, Mookie Betts leads the team in every stat, and he’ll be the highlight of their batting game. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Red Sox deal with a scrappy rotation when their first games get underway.

Los Angeles Dodgers – 5th Overall, National League West Champions

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a massive year with a 104 – 58 regular season record, but things started to fall apart towards the end. From the last 30 games, they won just 13 and lost 17. The team might have hit their highest point too early, and that could spell disaster for their playoffs campaign. They comfortably won the National League West, but it wasn’t on the merit of their most recent performances. The good news is that the team is strong from a statistical perspective, and Clayton Kershaw will be a powerful weapon when pitching for the playoffs.

Kenley Jansen and Pedro Baez should also be in the mix. Hitters Justin Turner, Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger, and Chris Taylor, can all produce results, and there’s also Yu Darvish and Rich Hill. Lots of depth and power will make for an interesting playoffs campaign, especially if the team can recapture their form from earlier in the regular season.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Chicago Cubs – 4th Overall – National League Central Champions

The Chicago Cubs are one of the favorites to win the World Series, and for a team that went through a prolonged World Series drought, winning a second consecutive title would be a massive achievement. Thankfully for the team, they do have the pieces in place to win in the playoffs, even if they’re not quite at the top of the power rankings. ERA has been a problem for the team this year, and the pitching game is nowhere near as strong as their overall defensive play. Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks, Jake Arrieta, John Lackey, and Jose Quintana, will be in rotation, but none of them have been having particularly impressive seasons. Offense is a different story, and there’s plenty of power on this side.

Jon Jay, Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Anthony Rizzo will make up the strength of the batters, and then there’s still some depth that could be used with their non-star players. The Cubs are solid overall, but aren’t close to the top three on paper. The team will be hoping for a change of gear in the post season, and will leave the stats from the regular season behind them.

Washington Nationals – 3rd Overall – National League East Champions

The Washington Nationals are one of the most well-rounded teams in the playoffs, with strong offensive and fielding potential. Bryce Harper should be back to health in time for their opening playoff game, and if he can quickly pick up the pace and find the talent that we all know he has, then he could be instrumental to the post season campaign. Even if we look beyond harper, there are some stars on the starting rotation, with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg. Both of who have some of the best ERA stats in the MLB.

Ryan Zimmerman and Daniel Murphy can carry a lot of the batting game, but there’s plenty of talent in the bullpen for when they need it. Trea Turner will be a player to watch in the post season, and his natural speed will make him a huge asset to the Nationals.

Washington Nationals

Houston Astros – 2nd Overall – American League West Champions

A regular season record of 101 – 61 puts the Houston Astros just behind on performance. But their run up to the playoffs was not nearly as impressive. With that said, they’re still quite clearly the second best team in the post season. With Justin Verlander pitching, they’ll have a strong chance of disrupting any strong batting side that they come across.

Dallas Keuchel will also be dangerous when throwing the ball, and he currently has the best ERA statistic out of the whole team. In batting there are heavy sluggers like Jose Altuve and Yuli Gurriel, as well as George Springer and Marwin Gonzalez. There’s plenty of depth and talent in this team to make a World Series appearance a possibility.

Cleveland Indians – 1st Overall – American League Central Champions

If we had to pick a team today that would win the World Series, it would be Cleveland Indians, without any doubt. While the regular season and even these power rankings are no guarantee of performance in the post season, the Indians do have the best momentum of any team, and the best record of recent performance. From the end of August up until the end of the regular season, the Indians only lost four games. Their season record of 102 – 60 is hugely impressive, and they seemed to have found new power and defensive qualities towards the end of this year.

Hitters like Jose Ramirez and Edwin Encarnacion should be mighty in the post season, and there are a number of pitchers that will create problems for the opposition. These include Andrew Miller, Corey Kluber, Cody Allen, and Carlos Carrasco. If the Indians go right through and win the World Series it won’t be a surprise, but at this stage of the post season, absolutely nothing is guaranteed.