It’s been a quick couple of months, but roughly one-third of the MLB season is now in the books. Many of the predictions that baseball fans and pundits made prior to the start of the season are in danger of going out the window, as some of the bigger teams are still failing to live up to expectations. The division races all look great right now, and we can only hope that this trend continues all the way until the end of the season. For now, though, we are only looking ahead as far as the weekend, which is far enough when you see some of the MLB series we have on tap. Let’s look at some of the best match-ups the MLB has to offer this weekend.

Washington Nationals Vs Atlanta Braves

If you want to talk about early season surprises, you need to talk about the NL East. The Washington Nationals were expected to win this one in a stroll, but they are currently sitting a half game back of the surprising Atlanta Braves. The team that wins this MLB series will start next week with the division lead, so it’s all to play for here. The Braves struck first blood in this 4-game series with a 4-2 win on Thursday night, retaking the lead at the top of the division in the process. The rest of the MLB series should be fun to watch and wager on.

MLB Series for the Weekend June 1st 2018 Edition

Boston Red Sox Vs Houston Astros

What we have here is two of the best teams in the American League going head to head. The Astros are off to another great start, courtesy of what is arguably the best pitching staff in the MLB. Despite their strong start, they have but a 1-game lead in the division, with the surprising Seattle Mariners breathing down their necks. The Boston Red Sox have been consistently good all year, and even with two-thirds of the season still to play, it is painfully apparent that the NL East race is going to be between them and the New York Yankees.

MLB Series for the Weekend June 1st 2018 Edition 2

Pittsburgh Pirates Vs St. Louis Cardinals

For most of the season thus far, the NL Central has been a tightly fought battle between 4 teams, with all of them spending a little time at the top. The Milwaukee Brewers are now starting to open up a lead at the top, though, which means that the chasing pack needs to up their game if they are to stay in touch. The Cardinals and Pirates are 4 ½ and 6 ½ games out of first, respectively, so we don’t need to really talk about how important this MLB series is to both of them. While there is still plenty of time to close the gap, neither team will want to dig themselves into a hole they can’t get out of.

MLB Series for the Weekend June 1st 2018 Edition 3

LA Dodgers Vs Colorado Rockies

The NL West was arguably the best division in baseball last season, with 3 teams going to the playoffs. It is a competitive division this year, too, although not as dominant as it was in 2017. The Diamondbacks have come back to the pack after a fast start, allowing the Colorado Rockies to take over the lead. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this division is that the big-spending LA Dodgers are back in fourth, although the deficit is now just sitting at 4 games. The Rockies will want to try and extend their lead here, while the Dodgers will be looking to make things even tighter.

MLB Series for the Weekend June 1st 2018 Edition 4

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