The NBA Betting season is here, with regular games starting on Tuesday October, 17. Future bets are a great way to start getting into the season, and some of the surest bets can come from picking the division winners. There will be some tightly contested divisions this year, as well as a couple where we see some huge divisions between the favorites and the underdogs.

Whether you’re backing the Golden State Warriors in the Pacific (current favorites for the NBA Championship), the Wizards in the Southeast, or even the Rockets in the Southwest, this guide will help you to get familiar with all of the favorites in each division.

Atlantic Division – Boston Celtics – October Odds -550

Kyrie Irving will have the chance to step up this year and prove himself as a leader within the team. On the defensive side, Al Horford should hold everything together, just as he did last year. The team looks good for an over of 55.5 wins, and next best favorites, the Toronto Raptors, shouldn’t pose any serious threat for control of the Atlantic Division.

This team is so stacked with talent, that they might even surprise fans and analysts when it comes to the playoffs. They’ve added Jayson Tatum and Gordon Hayward, two players who are eager to beat the Cavaliers to the finals. While the odds don’t favor the Celtics to make it all the way through to the end of the playoffs, there’s little doubt that they’ll be able to tightly control the Atlantic Division.

Central Division – Cleveland Cavaliers – October Odds -2000

The Cavaliers are the clear favorites in the Central Division, and are expected to be runners up in the NBA Championship. LeBron James still has a lot to offer, even as he gets older and approaches the later stages of his career. Dwayne Wade can work well with LeBron, and the team have also improved the guard by bringing in Derrick Rose. Compared to the Golden State Warriors, the Cavaliers are long in the tooth and will probably be unable to compete (just like last year).

However, when comparing them to the rest of their division they’re on a different level. The Pistons are likely to go under 38.5, and are still at least a year away from getting the best out of their younger players. The Bucks could have a strong season with over 47.5 wins, but, again, they’re not on the level of the Cavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Southeast Division – Washington Wizards – October Odds -175

Some analysts have referred to the Southeast as a division filled teams that are on the decline. Looking at the stats, most fans would also agree. Teams like the Hawks, the Hornets, and even Orlando, are likely to go under on 40 winning games this season, which leaves the Wizards as the most likely to win in the Southeast. The Washington Wizards could go over on 48 wins this year. There are some high caliber players on this team, but they’re not likely to improve on last year’s performance. Bradley Beal and John Wall are the most notable names. They’re solid, if nothing spectacular when compared to the NBA’s best.

Otto Porter Jr. is one player that will be worth watching, if only to see if he can make this his breakout season. Overall, there’s not enough depth within the Wizards to make them true championship contenders, but topping the Southeast shouldn’t be a problem, especially considering the lack of competition within the division.

Northwest Division – Oklahoma City Thunder – October Odds -190

Oklahoma City has had a significant boost during the summer, with both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony joining the team. Both stars of the sport, these are the kind of players that can carry a team to wins, and they will help the Thunder to get back some of the threat that they were missing last year. Combined with Russel Westbrook, OKC will have a triple threat offensive lineup that will make things difficult for other teams in the Northwest Division. Thunder will likely go over 50.5 wins this regular season.

The only team coming close will likely be the Minnesota Timberwolves, and with October odds of +250 they could be worth a conservative risk on a future bet.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Pacific Division – Golden State Warriors – October Odds -10000

There’s no other division in the NBA with a gap between teams as there is in the Pacific. The Golden State Warriors come off of a high of winning the NBA Championship, and they have one of the best lineups of power players that will inspire confidence in anybody who is betting on them.

The Warriors are significantly ahead of the first underdogs, the Los Angeles Clippers (+3000) and nobody else looks close at this time. Even now as we’re still in the pre-season, there’s little doubt that the Warriors will comfortably wrap up the Pacific.

The Warriors are likely to go over 67.5 wins for the season, with the confidence boosted by their dominance of the Cavaliers in the final games of last season. There are obvious power players in this team like Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, as well as Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. They also have younger players who could start to stand out, like Omri Casspi, Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell.

Southwest Division – Houston Rockets – October Odds -115

On paper, the Southwest is the most competitive division in the NBA, simply because of how close each team can come to each other. Teams like the Grizzlies and the Mavericks are not favorites to win, but they are still strong contenders that could both go over 37.5 wins this season.

The clear favorites in this division, Houston Rockets, could have a season over 55.5 wins, and players like Eric Gordon, Trevor Ariza, and Ryan Anderson, will all be important this year. Clint Capela is also worth mentioning, as his defensive power will help to carry the team far.