If you’re gearing up to wager on the quickly approaching Super Bowl LII showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots and you’re looking for reasons why you should back Tom Brady and the perennially-powerful patriots to win their second straight Super Bowl title, then you’re in luck! Thanks to the expert analysis that you’re about to get, you’re going to have seven great reasons on why Brady and company could very well win their second straight Vince Lombardi trophy! and be your best option for Super Bowl LII Betting Pick. Now, let’s get started.

Tom Brady

Whether you love him or loathe him, 40-year-old quarterback Tom Brady is going down as arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history. The 13-time Pro Bowler and three-time First Team All-Pro has won five Super Bowl titles and engineered 33 game-winning drives and 42 comebacks. He’s also played in an NFL record 36 playoff games while going 27-9 in those postseason contests (Jeez!). Need I say any more? Tom Brady is simply amazing!

Bill Belichick

I know that Bill Belichick has the personality of a pet rock (if that), but there’s no denying that he’s arguably the greatest head coach that has ever lived and I mean no disrespect to Vince Lombardi, Don Shula and any other legendary head coach you can think of. Belichick has compiled an insane 250-118 career record in the regular season and 27-10 mark in 37 postseason games. He’s a five-time Super Bowl champ and three-time Coach of the Year – and oh yeah, he also won two Super Bowls as a defensive coordinator, so there’s that!

Rob Gronkowski

Sure, Rob Gronkowski is dealing with a concussion and he’s clearly not the game-changing player he used to be a few years ago before injuries robbed him of some of his explosiveness, but make no mistake about it, Gronk is still very, very good as evidenced by the fact that he caught 69 passes for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns  this season. If Gronkowski can make one or two huge plays, he could be the difference-maker in Super Bowl 52 and the first tight end to ever win a Super Bowl MVP.

Why the New England Patriots are a sure Super Bowl LII Bet

Their Offense

Outside of Brady, Gronkowski and maybe, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, New England just doesn’t have any elite, ‘big name’ players on the offensive side of the ball – and that’s what makes them scary in my opinion. New England ranks first in total offense (394.2 YPG), first in passing and second in scoring (28.6 PPG) and they somehow manage to get the job done with seemingly ‘average’ players like Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, James White, Rex Burkhead, Dion Lewis and James Develin. If  Brady had more Pro Bowl talent to work with, the Patriots might never lose a game!

Their Bend-But-Don’t Break Defense

Outside of safety Devin McCourty and cornerback Malcolm Butler, New England has a bunch of ‘non-descript’ players they rely on to get the job done defensively. Despite ranking an awful 30th against the pass (251.2 YPG) and slightly less uninspiring 20th against the run (114.8 YPG), the Patriots managed to finish a stellar fifth in points allowed (18.5 PPG).

The Performance You Didn’t See Coming!

Somehow, someway, you should expect one Patriots player to unleash a game-changing contribution that you – and no one else – ever saw coming! they’ve done it time and time again – and Super Bowl LII might not be any different!

Patriots Offense Super Bowl 52

They Problem Solve!

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the best problem-solving pair the NFL has ever seen! Time and time again, they both just find a way to get the job done, whether they’re going up against a powerful offense or one of the league’s best defenses. When their opponents make a mistake, the Patriots capitalize on it and if you have any chinks in your armor, they find it and exploit it!