The AFC has some competitive teams in their Top 10, and the NFL season is getting more intense as we move into Week 7 and the NFL Odds start shifting. If you’re looking at placing a bet on one of the top teams, make sure you take a look at our predictions before you get started.

Kansas City Chiefs – 1st Place in the AFC – vs Oakland Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs are currently leading the AFC Table, and they’ve got a record of 5 – 1 for the season so far. The Raiders, having played the same number of games going into Week 7, are currently sitting on a losing record of 2 – 4. Past performance would suggest that the Chiefs are going to be able to beat the Raiders, but there are some analysts who believe that Oakland could cause an upset here.

Pete Priscos from CBS Sports has perhaps the most optimistic prediction for the Raiders, picking them for a 27 – 23 win over the Chiefs. There is some merit behind this. Oakland are eager to improve their record and there’s far too much talent in their team to be languishing at this stage of the competition. They’re also going to have the home advantage where they’ll be more comfortable, and without the disruption of going on the road. Even if the Raiders don’t win this game, staying within the range of the spread isn’t out of the question, making them the preferred pick in this Week 7 game.

Kansas City Chiefs: (-3 -115)
Oakland Raiders: (+3 -105)

Kansas City Chiefs

Pittsburgh Steelers – 2nd Place in the AFC – vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Pittsburgh Steelers are second place in the AFC and with a record of 4 – 2, some might consider their performance to be underwhelming this year. However, looking deeper into the stats can give us a clearer picture of this team. Their offense hasn’t been as good as was predicted at the beginning of the season, and they’ve only got a +16 point differential after six games. They’ve scored 118 points against 102. This suggests not only an underperforming offense, but a defense that hasn’t been putting in enough work. Compare this to the +47 differential that the Kansas City Chiefs have, and there’s definitely improvement to be had. However, the Steelers beat Kansas City last week, signaling what might be an increased attack in the coming games.

They’ll be playing an underperforming Cincinnati team that has only managed a 2 – 3 record so far. Although Cincinnati Bengals will be well rested after their Bye week, the Steelers should be able to edge them out with a stronger offense, especially with Le’Veon Bell playing as well as he has been. The Steelers are the odds favorites, and their also our pick for winners on the spread.

Cincinnati Bengals: +5 -110
Pittsburgh Steelers: -5 -110

Pittsburgh Steelers

New England Patriots – 3rd in the AFC – vs Atlanta Falcons

New England will play at home this weekend, with Atlanta coming to visit their Super Bowl foes. Atlanta has a lot to prove in this game, and although a win won’t make up for completely collapsing and throwing away their lead in their Super Bowl game, we believe that they’re going to be able to edge the Patriots. This could be the biggest upset so far of the season, but it’s still going to be a close game. Tom Brady will be dangerous when the Patriots are on offense, but their defense has been underperforming this year, which is backed up by their fairly weak +13 points differential after 6 games.

Having to be on the road might not be so much of a disadvantage for Atlanta, especially as the team has played less football this year. They’ve played five games compared to the Patriots’ six, which means that they could have some more energy in their squad. Another good sign for the Falcons is that they’ve won both of their road games so far, so it’s not as if they have any trouble winning on home turf. Atlanta will have to turn up the defense to the maximum in this game, as the Patriots are one of the highest scoring teams in the league. They’ve scored 172 points in total, which leaves them behind only the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots are also on a two-game winning streak, so that could make them dangerous. If you’re looking for an exciting bet with little risk, then go for the Falcons. There’s not a huge margin in the spread on this game, so Atlanta looks good with the current odds.

New England Patriots -3½ -110
Atlanta Falcons +3½ -110

New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins – 5th in the AFC – vs New York Jets

We’ve skipped the Bills (4th in the AFC) to move right onto the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. This is going to be the more exciting game when compared to the Bills and the Bucs, and there’s huge potential here for the score to be a blowout on this game, with Miami taking a convincing win.

Looking at the spread, you might get the illusion that the Jets will keep in the game. Sure, they looked competitive when they lost to the Patriots last week, and they even matched New England on points at half time. However, the Dolphins have a solid defense and they can turn on the offense when it matters. In their last outing against the Falcons, they scored all 20 of their winning points in the final half of the game, while limiting the Falcons to zero for the second half.

Both of these teams played Super Bowl teams in the previous week. The Jets lost, and Miami pulled out a win. That says a lot, and we think that Miami’s defense will be able to limit the Jets to around 13 points, while Miami will hit more than 20 points on the final scoreboard.

Miami Dolphins: -3 -120
New York Jets: +3 +100