Love them or hate them, prop bets are here to stay, and they seem to grow in number with each passing Super Bowl. If you were in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LII this coming Sunday, you would have no less than 400 different prop bets to choose from. That is a truly staggering number, and while some of the wagers are of what we would call the common-sense variety (teams totals, type of score, game MVP, etc.), there are others that border on the ridiculous. Let’s be honest here, though, some of these crazy prop wagers are almost irresistible, which is why I usually stash away a few extra bucks each year so that I can get in on the wackiness. Let’s look at some of the crazier prop bets on the board for Super Bowl LII.

Temperature Mentions O/U

You wouldn’t think that the temperature would be a factor in a game played indoors, and while the elements won’t affect gameplay, they may have an impact on the announcers. The wager with this prop bet is based on how many times the announcers mention the temperature outside. If it’s particularly cold, which it could be in Minneapolis, you can bet that the announcers will say how glad they are to be inside, but will they say it more than once? That is the wager here.

Length of the National Anthem

You never know what you are going to get when they sing the national anthem before the Super Bowl begins. Country singers tend to get straight to the point, but then you have singers like Aretha Franklin who famously took about 7 minutes to get the song out at a game a few years back. Pink is in as the celebrity singer this year, but how long will it take her to get the anthem out? Let’s not forget that you can also wager on whether she will miss a word, too.

YouWager Super Bowl LII Odds, Prop Analysis with Gabriel Morency & Cam Stewart

Half-Time Show

Justin Timberlake will serve as the entertainment for the always too long Super Bowl half-time show, and there are a couple of crazy prop bets on offer here. The most popular seems to be about which song he will kick things off with, but you can also wager on whether any members of his old band NSYNC might show up, and which one it will be.

Celebrity Spotting

The big stars are always out in force at the biggest football game of the year, but there are a couple of celebs who get more focus than most. You can wager on how many times the broadcast will cut to Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Giselle Bundchen, which is never a bad cut away, and you can also wager on whether President Trump will show up for the game, and also whether or not he will grant an interview.

Guiselle Patriots SuperBowl Props

Gatorade Color

We all now that players on both teams use Gatorade to stay hydrated and replace electrolytes during the heat of the game, and we also know that the eventual winners will dump said beverage on their coach. The burning question now is in regard to the color of said beverage, as you can in fact wager on what shade it will be. Ridiculous, yes, but highly entertaining.