On Sunday the Philadelphia Eagles convincingly beat the Washington Redskins with a score of 30 – 17. While many would have looked ahead to this match and figured that the Redskins would be primed for the win, especially considering their recent history against the Eagles, the game turned out quite different with a strong defense from Philadelphia that forced mistakes and carried their team to the win. It’s time to take a look at some of the most important insights and individual player performances that had the biggest impact on Eagles vs. Redskins.

Eagles vs. Redskins:

Redskins: Zach Brown One of the Best Players in Washington

The Redskins couldn’t win the game, but they can at least take some positives away from the performance that Zach Brown put in on Sunday. He was highly active during the game, positioning himself all over the field, whenever he was needed. He showed a high level of fitness and was aggressive in the tackle. He made a total of 12 tackles and a single sack, although the sack was overturned because of a foul. If the rest of the team could learn from Zach’s intensity and follow his lead, then the Redskins will be much better off in their upcoming games.

Redskins: Kirk Cousins Showing Poor Form at the Start of the Season

It would be a discredit to the Eagles to say that the Redskins lost this game solely because of the ineffectiveness of Kirk Cousins. The Eagles defense was highly coordinated, forcing error after error. However, at least part of the blame needs to be put on Cousins. He was under pressure throughout the game, and he didn’t respond to it well. He was inaccurate, made just a single touchdown, and was sacked four times in the game. This is not the kind of performance that a team can expect from their best quarterback, and if this is the best that Cousins has, then things aren’t looking great for the rest of the season.

Redskins: Defensive Trio Looks Good

If we look at the backs in the Redskins, including Bashaud Breeland, Josh Norman, and Kendall Fuller, then we can take some positives from the performance that they put in. Were it not for the poor offensive performance of the Redskins, then these three could have been instrumental in a win. Fuller was the most impressive as a playmaker; he made five tackles in total, with one of them leading to a loss. The defense overall wasn’t terrible, and they did limit the Eagles to 2.4 rushing yards for every attempt made.

The Defense Could Be the Strongest Element of this Team

If everything that went wrong is ignored, then the Redskins defense would look great. They’re definitely the strongest part of this team, and if the offense could have had more success when in possession of the ball, then this game could have turned out very differently. We hope to see the Redskins continue to maintain their strong defensive formation in upcoming games, while taking time to focus on what’s wrong with the offense. While Cousins didn’t live up to his promise in this game, it would be premature to complete write-off his season. If anything, the competency of this defense will give cousins and his support crew some breathing room to improve without so much pressure. If the defense was as ineffective as the offense was in this game, then the final score would have looked much worse. Overall the team has a lot to work with, and things should start coming together after the early games of the season. Ryan Kerrigan was another player who deserves a special mention from this game. His interception was completely composed, and if he can show more of that during the season, then both fans and bettors could turn out to be very pleased with Washington.

What Does It Mean for the Rest of the Season?

This was a home game for the Redskins and that is important. They should have won this game, and they’ve dominated the Eagles in the past, making this one even harder to swallow. This is just the first game of the season, but it does leave the Redskins on the back foot. It also raises questions. If Washington can’t win at home against a team that has recently not been a challenge for them, then what will happen when they come up against some stronger teams later in the competition? The coaching staff are going to need to take a long look at this game and find out what part of their approach is not working. The pre-season games gave them an opportunity to figure out their starters and start exploring their strategy, but now we’re into the part of the season that actually matters. For fans of the Washington team, there’s at least some hope in knowing that these guys typically start off slow, and improve throughout the year. Outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said after the game that “You can’t lose at home, Week 1, to your division rival.” His words will ring true with everyone in the team, and all of their fans.Unfortunately for the team, they’ll be heading into their next match against the on-fire Rams who have shown plenty of promise with new coach Sean McVay. The Rams destroyed the Colts on the weekend with a final score of 9 – 46. Nobody was expecting to see such an improvement from the Rams this early in the season, and it’s an ominous sign for the Redskins when they fly out to play the Rams at home.

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