We’re almost a quarter of the way through the NFL 2017 regular season, and the true performance of all 32 teams is starting to emerge. As we move into Week 4 and beyond, it’s time to take a look at some updated NFL power rankings for the AFC South and the AFC West.

AFC South Power Rankings

There’s quite a spread in the AFC South. While the Titans can be one of the best teams in the NFL on a good day, the rest of the teams here have some proving to do before they can make it out of the bottom 16 power rankings. Here are our overviews for all teams in the AFC South.

Indianapolis Colts 4th AFC South – 28th Overall

The Colts have a losing record of 1 – 2 for the start of this season. They lost both of their opening games, but then picked up the pace in Week 3 to beat the bears 31 – 28. That was a fairly close game, but full credit has to be given to the Colts offense. Ty Hilton in particular needs to be praised for his impressive touchdown, which created the push for their first win of the season. Their Week 4 game is not going to be easy, as they take on the Seahawks at their home in Seattle.

Houston Texans 3rd AFC South – 21st Overall

The Texans are another team with a losing record, with 1 – 2 from the first three weeks of the season. They haven’t been huge underperformers, but have instead been forced to face a tough opening schedule. They did almost beat the Patriots in Week 3, which is a promising sign for the season moving forward. Whether they’ll make the post season is still unknown, but they’ll have a chance to prove themselves in the AFC South when they take on the Titans in Week 4. The defense needs the most improvement in this team, as it was evident that they had no idea how to handle Tom Brady in Week 3.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2nd AFC South 18th Overall

With a 2 – 1 record, the Jaguars have had a winning start to the season. Their third game was a masterclass in domination as they beat the Ravens 44 – 7, a result that few analysts or fans would have predicted. Blake Bortles is playing better than he ever has in the NFL, and managed to go through their Week 3 game with no interceptions and an impressive completion rate. This was against a team that has one of the best defenses in the league, which is a good sign for the Jaguars. If they can keep up this momentum and level of performance, then they could be a threat to the Titans as leaders of the AFC South.

Tennessee Titans 1st AFC South – 9th Overall

A strong offense looks like it’s going to be able to carry this team through the 2017 season. They started off poorly with a loss, but then made up for it with two winning games, where they scored 70 points in total. They’ll be playing the Texans in Week 4, and that should be another game that they can win, which will push them to 3 – 1 for the season. However, the Titans should be wary of the Jaguars, a team that also looks like they’re going to have one of the better offenses in the NFL.

AFC West Power Rankings

The AFC West is closer than most divisions, with three teams amongst the very best in the NFL. Then there’s the Chargers, a team that is languishing within the bottom half of the competition.

Los Angeles Chargers 4th AFC West – 26th Overall

The LA Chargers have had a dismal start to the 2017 NFL Season, losing all three of their first games. A 0 – 3 record is a poor one to have, and the schedule for this team doesn’t look like it’s going to give them a break any time soon. They’re going to play the Patriots, the Broncos, the Raiders, the Eagles, and the Giants – all teams which we believe can beat the Chargers as they’ve been playing this season. The problem is not squarely with the offense or defense, but is a team-wide problem where they’re simply not playing NFL-level football.

Denver Broncos 3rd AFC West – 6th Overall

2 – 1 is a good record to have at the start of the season, even if the Broncos loss against the Bills was a massive surprise. The Broncos have been playing their usual powerful style of football which works well with the players that they have. However, the Bills did prove that this team can be dismantled, so a high power ranking will not be guaranteed for this team towards the end of the season. For the top spot in the AFC West, they have tight competition with the Raiders, as well as the Chiefs. The Broncos will play the Raiders in Week 4 which will be an important AFC West battle.

Oakland Raiders 2nd AFC West – 5th Overall

The Raiders looked good in the first two weeks of the season, going 2 – 0 before week three. However, a loss to the Redskins put them at 2 – 1, which means that they’re at risk of losing second place in the AFC West. They’re going to play the Broncos next, which will be a critical game for both teams. If the Raiders fail to convert like they did against the Redskins, then we can see the Broncos taking this spot.

Kansas City Chiefs 1st AFC West – 1st Overall

The Chiefs have had a hugely impressive start to the season, and at this stage, we can confidently say that they look like the best team in the league. They’ve got a 3 – 0 record, and the very best rookie in the NFL. Kareem Hunt is already making an impact, and he has tied the record for the most touchdowns in the first three games of a season. He’s going to be an important weapon for the Chiefs this year, and the team overall definitely looks playoffs worthy.