No matter the safety regulations or the equipment that players use, there’s always a risk of injury in the NFL. In some cases, injuries are minor and may not even have an impact on player performance. In extreme scenarios, injuries can be season-ending.If you’re someone who is a fan of football, and if you’re making picks for upcoming games, then knowing who’s on the injury list could make a significant difference in who you see as the winning team.Here are the worst injuries from Thursday’s game with the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers.

Tank Carradine – San Francisco 49ers

Carradine was injured in the 49ers Thursday game against the Rams, a game which the team lost by just two points.The injury has been reported as an ankle sprain, and it could mean that Carradine won’t be on the field for the 49ers next game. When coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about the injury, he told reporters that “Tank has got a high ankle sprain.” There will be further investigation into the injury to discover the full extent of the damage, which could result in Carradine being placed on the injured reserve list. Shanahan said that “We haven’t gotten his MRI back, but we’re going to have to get that and really decide whether IR or not, because any time you’ve got a high ankle sprain, it’s going to be a while. So we’re not exactly sure how long it’s going to be. We’ll have to decide that probably Monday.”

Sammy Watkins – Los Angeles Rams

Carradine wasn’t the only victim of injury in the 49ers vs. Rams game. Sammy Watkin was having a brilliant game, and his best yet while playing for the Rams. The wide receiver had completed almost all of his catches from seven targets, making 106 yards and completing twice with two touchdowns. However, the fourth quarter saw him receiving a head injury and concussion, which now puts him through the recovery process.Both the team and fans of the Rams will be hoping that Watkins won’t be off the field for long. He has received high praise for his performance on Thursday, with some experts saying that he filled a void in the offensive line of the Rams. With coach Sean McVay being a defensive expert (he spent his career as an offensive coordinator before being named Head Coach), he should be able to extract the best possible performance from a player like Sammy Watkins. Speaking about his performance in the game McVay was highly impressed, he said “Those are the types of plays that make Sammy a special player. That’s why he is who he is. His ability to track the ball down the field is rare and elite, and I thought it was similar to some of those types of catches that I had seen DeSean make.”Comparing Watkins to DeSean Jackson is high praise. Jackson is a 3x Pro Bowl player, and has received the Pete Dawkins Trophy and Glenn Davis Award. McVay worked closely with Jackson while he was offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins.The Rams 41 – 39 win over the 49ers gives them a record of 2 – 1 – 0 so far in 2017.

Tavor Austin – Los Angeles Rams

Wide receiver Tavor Austin didn’t escape the game without injury, and, like Watkins, he suffered a concussion. Austin wasn’t as impressive in the game as Watkins, but he also didn’t have the same opportunities. He was not involved in the passing game with the plays that the 49ers used. In total he made 14 yards from three rushes.Austin will likely be hoping that he’s not off the field for next week’s game, especially as he needs as much time as he can get to prove that he’s still a force in the team. He has been overshadowed by Watkins in the three games so far this season, and including the 14 yards made in Thursday’s game, he has totaled just 33 yards for the season.

Kyle Juszczyk – San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco also had a concussion in their squad. Kyle Juszczyk had made a single reception and 34 yards in total, before leaving the field because of a concussion. The loss of both Carradine and Juszczyk is damaging for the defensive line of the 49ers. The team will be hoping that they’ll be back as soon as possible, and in Juszczyk’s case he could be back as early as next week. Juszczyk may have also suffered an injury to his neck, but there’s currently no information on how serious it is and whether it would mean time off. For now, the concussion protocol means that we won’t know exactly when Kyle will be back on the field.

Injuries Add to Pain for the 49ers

The Rams won this game, and their injuries won’t hurt them much. However, the San Francisco 49ers are in a different situation. They have problems with their pass rush and the secondary, and they’re going to need to start correcting that as soon as possible. The holes in their defensive line were evident during Thursday’s game, and injured players like Juszczyk and Carradine will only make it harder to get the team back where they need to be. Jaquiski Tartt (safety) and Brock Coyle (linebacker) were also injured during the game, and they will both be going through the concussion protocol this week.49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was disappointed by the game, telling the media that “It wasn’t good enough.” He had no answers for why their performance wasn’t as it should be, saying “I can’t tell you exactly why, but our guys didn’t win. They blocked us pretty well. We didn’t affect the quarterback enough. I thought we did a very good job of that versus Seattle and I thought we took a step back on that last night.”