As we go into Week 4 of the NFL Regular season, it’s becoming much easier to see how the teams are stacking up in terms of overall power rankings. Most teams have three games behind them, and now it’s time to take a look at the ranking for teams in both the AFC East and the AFC North.

AFC East Power Rankings

A single strong team, and three who are sitting near the bottom of the competition, the AFC East is clearly a division that is being led by the Patriots at this early stage of the season. Here are our observations for each team.

New York Jets 4th AFC East – 30th Overall

The Jets are currently playing with a 1 – 2 losing record, although they did manage to beat the Dolphins with an impressive 20 – 6 score line in their most recent game. That home game would have boosted the confidence of the Jets after losing their first two games, but there’s no forgetting that they came into the season losing two games in a row. The Jets have a long way to go to prove that they’re not the worst team in the AFC East.

Miami Dolphins 3rd AFC East – 23rd Overall

The Miami Dolphins have only played two games so far in the season, and have lost to the Jets, and beat the Los Angeles Chargers. Their win against the Chargers was a hard fought battle, and was hardly a one sided game. The final score revealed a difference of just two points. Their next game is against the Saints at Wembley Stadium in London, and they’ll need to put in a strong performance there to justify their ranking ahead of the Jets in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills 2nd AFC East – 19th Overall

At this stage, the Bills are sitting at the top of the AFC East (tied with the Patriots), thanks to their 2 – 1 record. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor has been impressive so far this season, and any team playing the Buffalo Bills will need to have a strong strategy to contain him. Taylor was most impressive when the Bills beat the Denver Broncos with a score of 26 – 16, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do in the rest of the season. He’s definitely an underrated player, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see him receive a huge amount of praise once this season is over.

New England Patriots 1st AFC East – 3rd Overall

The Patriots have struggled with their defense in 2017, but the offense is just as good as it has ever been. Tom Brady is stunning whenever he plays, and it was his quick calculation that ensured the Patriots came back to beat the Texans in their Week 3 game. This isn’t the most well rounded team in the NFL, but the offense helps to make up for inconsistencies on the defensive line. At this stage, they’re still the favorite to win the AFC East.

AFC North Power Rankings

The AFC North is made up of three teams that sometimes perform, and one that easily fits in with the best teams in the league. Here are our rankings for each team in the division.

Cleveland Browns 4th AFC North – 31st Overall

The browns are 0 – 3 this season, with an opening that is essentially the worst scenario that anybody could have imagined. The Browns still have some players waiting for field time (such as defensive end Miles Garrett), but it’s unclear whether any single player will be enough to lift this team out of their losing streak. Current reports are that Garrett will be off the injury list soon, so we may see a different Browns team within the next two games. Quarterback DeShone Kizer has been the most disappointing quarterback this season, and his inability to make the offense work is what has kept the Browns 4th in the AFC North and almost at the bottom of the NFL overall.

Cincinnati Bengals 3rd AFC North – 29th Overall

The Browns aren’t the only team in the AFC North with a straight losing record this season. The Bengals are also 0 – 3, having lost to the packers in overtime of their third game. In their two opening games, the Bengals couldn’t even manage a single touch down. They’re now chasing their first win, and they have contracted Bill Lazor to be their new offensive coordinator. They could have won in Week 3, but lost the game by running out of steam in the second half. They’ll play the Browns next, and then we’ll see which of these teams truly deserves to be at the bottom of the AFC North.

Baltimore Ravens 2nd AFC North – 16th Overall

The Baltimore Ravens have already played both the Browns and the Bengals, but then they were completely destroyed (44 – 7) by the Jaguars in Week 3. They’re clearly better than the two worst teams in this division, but we’ll need to see more games before we can see how they really compare to the competition. They’ll be playing the Steelers next, which will be a good test and an opportunity to evaluate this side even further.

Pittsburgh Steelers 1st AFC North – 7th Overall

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a 2 – 1 record for the season, but somehow lost to the Bears in Week 3. They can produce results, but Ben Roethlisberger needs to improve the way that he’s playing. The team isn’t tracking well in the stats of yards per game, and rushing yards in particular, and Roethlisberger is only 19th in the NFL with his completion percentage. When the team sorts out their offensive woes (the talent is there), then it’s likely they will win this division and could end up being a Top 10 team in the NFL by the end of the regular season.