The Green Bay Packers had a strong 2016 season, coming off with a 10 – 6 record overall. They won 1st place for NFC North, as well as playoff wins against the Giants and the Cowboys. Head coach Mike McCarthy enjoys strong confidence from both fans and team general manager Ted Thompson, and most expert predictions for the 2017 season follow the positivity that has been seen in recent years.Some experts are even predicting that 2017 will be a better year than last, and here are five highlight predictions from some trusted names in NFL coverage.

Rob Demovsky Makes his Picks for the ESPN Expert Panel

ESPN predicts a slight improvement over last season, calling a potential record of 11 – 5 for the Green Bay Packers. Demovsky doesn’t quite agree with other expert opinions that the team will need a stellar defense game, especially considering that last year they were able to win the NFC North and make it through to the playoffs for the eighth time running. Demovsky is not hopeful for a place at the Super Bowl but considers the team to have the right foundation and players to at least equal their performances from last year.

Bleacher Report’s Richard Janvrin Has a Positive Outlook on 2017

Richard Janvrin is well known for providing informative predictions and plenty of insight, and his 2017 record prediction of 13 – 3 will be a boost of confidence for anyone looking at this team for 2017.Janvrin’s predictions take into account the skill of the coaching, individual skill of stars like Aaron Rodgers, and he even sees some positivity coming from the addition of Martellus Bennett into the receiving group. Bleacher Report has picked the Week 2 game against the Atlanta Falcons to be the hardest of the season, with the team needing to develop a strong plan to contain Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman of the Falcons. Even before that, the Week 1 game against the Seattle Seahawks will be an initial proving point for the team, and even though it might look like the Packers have an edge at this stage, they’ll need to place a strong focus on their defense to have a shot at a win. Janvrin also notes games against the Steelers and the Cowboys as important in showing that the team has the goods to deliver a season even stronger than the last.

Jonathan Jones 2017 Predictions for the Green Bay Packers

Jonathan Jones provides excellent coverage and some fairly accurate pre-season insights for Sports Illustrated, so his predictions should be considered up there with the best of them. His projected record for the season is 13 – 3. Jones thinks that the packers will easily take the NFC North, with the ability of players like Aaron Rodjers, Martellus Bennett, and Randall Cobb, providing all of the offense that will be necessary to consistently outscore their opponents up until Week 16. The team traditionally makes slow starts to their seasons, so an early win against the Falcons in Week 2 would be an important early turning point with a signal of intent for the rest of the season. Green bay may be able to take some confidence from the fact that the Falcons no longer have Kyle Shanahan coordinating their offensive. The results of that change in coaching structure will become evident once the season gets underway.

Predictions from the USA Today For the Win Panel

USA Today’s For the Win panel is made up of Steven Ruiz, Charles Curtis, and Luke Kerr-Dineen. The team is not afraid of giving candid and sometimes controversial predictions, but for the Packers they are playing things safe with a prediction of a 10 – 6 record to match that of last year. Steven Ruiz didn’t see anything special from the team in terms of playing in 2016, and noted that despite not being overly impressive, they still managed to take 10 wins for the season. Changes in the offensive lineup could see them improving, particularly with a good amount of confidence going to Aaron Rodgers. Kerr-Dineen agreed that the team underperformed for a significant amount of the previous season, and even called the final outcome a fluke. Charles Curtis was definitely more positive, calling Aaron Rodgers the “most talented quarterback still in his prime”. Curtis at least expects to see the team making it to a playoff spot.

Fox Sports 2017 Green Bay Packers Predictions from Nick Wright

Predictions from Nick Wright are closely aligned to those from Jonathan Jones at Sports Illustrated. In a feature for Fox Sports, Wright has predicted that the Green Bay Packers will be able to pull off a 12 – 4 record for the 2017 season. Wright alluded to a slow starting and underperforming early season for the Packers last year, noting that they went on to turn things up towards the end of the season. For 2017, Wright predicts that all of the glory will come at the beginning of the season, and is even confident enough to predict an eight game winning streak for the team. Predicted losses will come from the Seahawks, the Falcons, the Steelers, and the Buccaneers. The Packers last won a Super Bowl Championship in 2010, coming from a 10 – 6 record that season. While nobody is calling them for a shot at the Super Bowl in 2017, they’re still a high performing team that have the capability to make the Division Championships, as they’ve done for five of the past six seasons, with the most recent being from last year. A safe prediction would be on the team at least matching last year’s record, but it’s not a far stretch to say that they could yet improve, which is the general consensus with the experts covering the sport.

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