When it comes to game, the Pittsburgh Steelers have it. Take a look at their win–loss record from last year: 11–5. That puts them first in the AFC North, and they got off to a really strong start with their game against the Browns. Now for the million–dollar question: can they do it again in 2017? The answer is probably going to be yes, and we all know why: it’s all about that defense.
The Steelers do have some issues as far as their defense is concerned, but there’s nothing surprising about that: every team has some defensive issues. It really just means that they’re human, at least in that aspect. In every other respect, they’re very much above average. On this year’s roster, they have quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, running back Le’Veon Bell, wide receivers Eli Rogers and Antonio Brown, and of course the tight ends Ladarius Green and Jesse James. This is the same team that brought them to their 11–5 record and in 2017 it’s going to be even better as the Steelers have added their old wide receiver Martavis Bryant back to the team. They didn’t sign a cornerback, but with Bryant back onboard, there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be able to win at least 10 games. It shouldn’t be an issue considering their win–loss record last season.

The Toughest Game of the Season: Week 15 – New England Patriots

It’s hard to imagine that the Steelers are going to have a hard time winning anything, but we’re seeing a pretty nasty make it or break it moment at Week 15. The problem is that during the Week 15 game they’re going to be up against the Patriots, and if you remember last season, they suffered a 27–16 loss. We’re hoping that we don’t see a repeat of that performance, but you never know. To be honest, the Patriots have a pretty stacked roster, but it’s not an unwinnable situation for the Pittsburgh Steelers – just an even match.

Make it or Break It: Week 12 – Green Bay Packers

They’re going to have a tough game against the Patriots, but the Packers are going to bring their A game as well. Defeating the Green Bay Packers, an NFC opponent, would really solidify their position in the NFL world. You could say however that both games are make it or break it material. No matter what your opinion there is, it’s going to be a really, really interesting game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will Bring Three 1,000 Yard Receivers

If you take a look at Pittsburgh’s receiving core right now you’re going to conclude that it’s one of the best in the NFL. They have Antonio Brown, Eli Rogers, and Martavis Bryant, making up the perfect trio. Apart from that, however, they have Sammie Coates and JuJu Smith–Schuster, propelling them right over the top.
Let’s look at Antonio Brown for a moment. In the last four years, he’s done an amazing job, and there is no doubt that he’s going to be a 1,000 yard receiver. He might even become the league’s best wideout. Speaking of stacked decks…
Then you have Martavis Bryant, though he’s been out for a season due to a suspension. The expectation is that he’s going to pick up right where he left off, and we hope that’s true. It remains to be seen, however. He is definitely one of the best deep–threat players on the team, and he’ll have lots of opportunities for serious yardage. Right alongside Brown, he could be one of the top five receivers for the season.

Over/Under 10.5 Wins

Last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t do so well against the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, which is interesting because on paper, they’re the second–best team in the conference. A good season will definitely propel them to stardom in the post–season, and the team has definitely made solid draft choices. They picked T.J. Watt and JuJu Smith–Schuster, both of which will end up in the starting lineup. With that, it’s hard to see the Steelers NOT winning the division with at least 11 wins.
The Steelers are all about continuity, and this year they’ve remained one of the quietest teams in the NFL. They had their AFC Championship loss against the Patriots back in January, and since then, they haven’t done too much. They brought back Martavis Bryant and they cut Ladarius Green, but other than that, we’ve had radio silence. Is this really surprising? No, they’ve always been quiet, at least until August, which tends to work to their advantage. They’re always going to be a surprise both on and off the field, and you can take that as a prediction.