There are few sports in the world that can match the physicality of football, with every single play delivering the potential for serious injury. A team can see a great season wiped out by an injury to one or two players, and there is no team that makes it all the way to the Super Bowl without needing to worry about the guys in the treatment room ahead of the big game. Injuries have a major impact on every game, yet it’s an angle that a lot of bettors choose to ignore. One or two top players being out or not playing at 100% can upset the delicate balance that helped a team reach the championship game. You really need to be paying attention to the injury reports for both the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia, as it’s those missing players that may have an impact on how you would your Super Bowl LII betting.

New England Patriots Injury Concerns

Heading into the AFC Championship Game, the biggest injury concern that the Patriots had to contend with were the stitches on Tom Brady throwing hand. Brady did not seem to have an issue with the injury, leading his team to a 4th quarter comeback win, but there still needs to be some concern here. Those stitches have now been removed and Brady will play, but there is sure to be some tenderness that could affect his passing, especially in the early stages of the game.

Coming into the Super Bowl, it is Rob Gronkowski who has the biggest question mark hovering over him. The big man went out early versus the Jags in the AFC Championship Game, and more than a week later, he is still in the concussion protocol. The fact that he is still in this position lets you know that the hit he took to the head was not a minor one. The extra week off will help, but even if he does play this Sunday, you need to be concerned about lingering effects of a concussion.

While not as big as the other two guys mentioned here, the injuries to tackle LaAdran Waddle and RB Mike Gillislee could still have an impact on the defending Super Bowl champs.

Philadelphia Eagles Injury Concerns

It goes without saying that the season-ending injury to Carson Wentz is the big talking point here, although Nick Foles has done a great job in the backup role. It’s not all great news here, though, as Foles took a nasty hit to the ribs against the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. There is no way that Foles will not be starting, but he may be heavily taped, which could have an impact on his mobility and throwing motion.

Carson Wentz Eagles Injury

While the Eagles have a number of players on the IR, they have all been there a while, meaning that this team has reached the Super Bowl without them. The Eagles are relatively healthy, but the other cause for concern here is the status of LB Dannell Ellerbe. He missed the Vikings game with a hamstring issue and is also questionable for the big game. There are only 7 players in the Eagles line-up with Super Bowl experience, with Ellerbe being one of them. Having him out would be a major blow.