2017 has been an interesting year for fans of the NFL and a difficult one for bettors to land solid NFL Picks. Some of the pre-season favorites have failed to deliver, while other teams like the Rams have had breakout seasons that have surprised more than a few analysts. As we move on in the competition into Week 6, a hierarchy is beginning to emerge with the teams, and the post season odds are beginning to stabilize.

While nothing is certain and unpredictability is always going to be a factor, anyone looking to make future bets on Super Bowl LII can benefit from taking a look at the updated odds, and considering the performance of the top teams so far.

Top 10 Favorites Super Bowl LII Odds

New England Patriots +450

A strong road record (2 – 0) is let down by the (1 – 2) record at home, but this hasn’t dropped any of the confidence from fans or bookmakers. The Patriots are still the absolute favorites for a Super Bowl win. For the odds to continue favoring this team they’re going to need to work on improving their winning streak and their home record. A Net Points differential of 6 can also be improved, and a lot of the confidence in this team comes from past performance, rather than what we’ve seen in 2017.

Green Bay Packers +600

A record of 4 – 1 heading into Week 6 puts the packers in a good position in the NFC, only behind the Carolina Panthers, and 3rd overall in the NFL standings. The Packers enjoyed a 3-game winning streak that shows that they have both the mental and physical performance to maintain a strong campaign throughout the rest of the season.

Kansas City Chiefs +675

The Chiefs have had the longest winning streak of any team in the NFL, and are undefeated going into Week 6. Some analysts have put this down to an easier schedule than some teams, leaving them slightly behind the Packers and the Patriots on the odds. However, they’re still one of the power teams in the league and offer strong odds for a Super Bowl win that is definitely within reach.

Kansas City Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons +1000

The Atlanta Falcons could surprise us again this season, but the trick will be to maintain pressure throughout every quarter of every game. We know that the Falcons can crack in the end game, and last year’s Super Bowl is still fresh in the memory of every analyst and fan.

Seattle Seahawks +1100

The Seattle Seahawks are back into the Top 10 power rankings for any sports outlet that matters. They have an offense that can turn itself on when it matters, as was shown in their most recent game against the Los Angeles Rams. A Super Bowl win is hard to see at this time, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Their biggest challenge in their own division comes from L.A., and they’ve shown early that they have the upper hand in that competition.

They have a healthy points differential but aren’t the strongest scorers, and trail some of the odds leaders. They’re worth an early risk but it’s important to understand that they haven’t proved to be the whole package (offensively and defensively) at this early stage of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers +1200

As controversial an observation as it is, Ben Roethlisberger might be the weakest link in the Steelers offense. In their most recent game, the quarterback completed only 60% of his throws, and there were five interceptions. The Jaguars dismantled the Steelers and the Pittsburgh team looked outright bad. Both Roethlisberger and coach Mike Tomlin have admitted that the quarterback’s playing has been bad, and that could be a bad sign for the rest of the season. The odds show more confidence than some other teams that are performing better than the Steelers, and that makes this a risky Super Bowl future bet at +1200.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Philadelphia Eagles +1400

The Philadelphia Eagles have only lost once in the regular season, they are dominating the NFC East division on stats, and they have one of the healthiest Net Points (38) stats in the league. They also went on a 3-game winning streak that made them comparable to teams like the Packers and the Chiefs. Carson Wentz has a 62% completion rate for the season and is playing better than most people expected him to this year. In their most recent game, he completed 21 of 30 passes, putting him amongst the best quarterbacks of Week 5. He could be the leader that they need to get to the Super Bowl and has a competent receiving corps around him.

Denver Broncos +1800

The Denver Broncos have consistently ranked in the Top 10 power rankings from analysts and sports networks in 2017. Week 5 saw no action as they had their Bye week, and they’ve got what is virtually a guaranteed win coming up against a winless Giants team in Week 6, followed by another game that they should win against the Chargers in Week 7. They’re on the riskier end of the Top 10, but it’s a future bet that could pay off. For anyone who’s not yet convinced about the Broncos, Week 8 will have them playing against the Chiefs, which will be their toughest game so far and the one that shows their true potential for the Super Bowl at the end of this season.

Dallas Cowboys +2200

The Dallas Cowboys have had tough early-season games against both the Rams and the Packers, but don’t let this erode your confidence in what is one of the most offensively dominant teams in the league. That defense could carry them far into the competition and there’s always the outside chance of a Super Bowl appearance, and possibly even the win. Keep watching them this season to see how they ramp things up towards the later stages.

Dallas Cowboys

Carolina Panthers +2500

The Carolina Panthers are considered a Top 5 team by all the major sports networks, including ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS, and even NFL.com. Cam Newton is performing well and with a strong offense, they could go far in the competition. They’re not the safest bet in the league but the odds are enticing, and a recent 2-game winning streak is a positive sign of things to come.

Bottom 22 Super Bowl LII Odds

Detroit Lions +3300
Houston Texans +4000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000
Los Angeles Rams +4500
Washington Redskins +4500
Oakland Raiders +4500
Tennessee Titans +5000
New Orleans Saints +5000
Jacksonville Jaguars +5000
Baltimore Ravens +5000
Buffalo Bills +6000
Cincinnati Bengals +6600
Miami Dolphins +10000
Indianapolis Colts +12500
Arizona Cardinals +20000
Los Angeles Chargers +25000
New York Giants +25000
New York Jets +25000
Chicago Bears +50000
San Francisco 49ers +100000
Cleveland Browns +200000