Betting against the spread in the NFL can help to make the competition more interesting, particularly when the straight bets offer little in the way of unpredictability. In the NFL Odds, even the underdogs can put in some impressive performances to stay competitive in losing games, which can create great opportunities for betting ATS.

Likewise, some teams can finish with absolutely dominant performances that weren’t expected (just look at the Rams earlier this season), making ATS bets some of the most exciting and the most rewarding. The beginning of Week 6 is just a few days away, and we’ve got some of the most compelling ATS picks for the games coming up.

Seattle Seahawks over New York Giants

The Giants finally won last weekend, beating the Broncos by 13 points, and dominating the game in every quarter. The Seahawks are currently playing with 3 – 2 record, but have shown some strong offensive performances. If you think that last weekend was a sign that the Giants would be starting to ramp up their performance, then this weekend will be disappointing. Nothing that the Giants have shown this year is indicative that they’ll be able to beat the Seahawks, or even hold their own against the team.

The Seahawks have had a Bye Week to rest and prepare for this game, so the obvious ATS bet here is on them.

Seattle Seahawks: -5½ (-110)
New York Giants: +5½ (-110)

Seattle Seahawks

Carolina Panthers over Chicago Bears

Cam Newton has been inconsistent as the Bears’ quarterback this season, but when he plays well, he’s able to lead a power offense that is more powerful than what the Bears will be able to deal with. Chicago Bears are 2 – 4 this season, and the Panthers are 4 – 2, an exact mirror of each other, and it clearly shows the more dominant team. The safe money for a straight bet is on the Panthers, but the question is whether they can pull out a performance to beat the spread.

Betting against the spread sometimes makes the underdog look more attractive, but in this case we can’t recommend going with the Bears. Bet on the Panthers.

Carolina Panthers: -3 (-120)
Chicago Bears: +3 (+100)

Carolina Panthers

Dallas Cowboys over San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are still winless this season, and while Dallas Cowboys haven’t exactly been lighting the season on fire with their 2 – 3 record, they’ve still played better football overall. The 49ers have had some close games this season… some might even call them heartbreaking losses. The Redskins only took them by two points in Week 6, and the Colts only had a three-point advantage over the 49ers in Week 5. This tells us that the 49ers can keep in the game, even if they can’t quite manage the final push to come out best on the scoreboard.

The Cowboys are offensively strong but they can falter when they play stronger teams (look at their 10 point scoring difference in the fourth quarter against the Packers). The good news for the Cowboys is that the 49ers are not a stronger team. The odds on this game are close enough that it looks like it could go either way, however, most analysts will agree that this isn’t likely to be close. Bet on the Cowboys… the 49ers are a risky bet and there’s no confidence to be found in a team that has a winless season.

Dallas Cowboys: -6 (-110)
San Francisco 49ers: +6 (-110)

Dallas Cowboys

Miami Dolphins over New York Jets

The Miami Dolphins have been excellent with their defense this year, and they come into this game as reasonably strong favorites. They’re allowing few points per game averaging 16.8 which makes them 3rd in the league), and they’re 4th on rush yards in the defensive statistics. The worry here is that they’re 32nd on points scored, with an average of just 12.2, which is not something that inspires a lot of confidence. The Jets are averaging 21.7 points scored per game, and their offensive yards are better in both the pass and the rush.

An interesting schedule this year has meant that these teams have already met this year, with the Jets coming out better off with a final score of 6 – 20. The Dolphins are the favorites with their recent form, but betting against the spread on the Jets could be a smart choice, especially considering the small margin. Every game that the Dolphins have won this season, has come with a marginal victory, with the biggest win being no more than six points.

Pick the Jets on this one. They’ve already shown what they can do against the Dolphins.

Miami Dolphins: -3 (-125)
New York Jets: +3 (+105)

New York Jets

ATS picks: New Orleans Saints over Green Bay Packers

There are some key observations to be made going into this game. Number one, is that Aaron Rodgers probably won’t be playing with the Packers for the rest of the year. His broken collarbone would have him returning late season at best, but it’s more likely that his year is over. The Saints will see that as creating a weakness in the team, particularly as the staff hasn’t had time to find a star replacement if that is even their intention. However, the Packers shouldn’t be underestimated.

They still have Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and Jordy Nelson to keep things competitive. The Packers have won more than the Saints this season, but they’ve also played one more game. While most are going to lean towards the Saints for this game, +6 (-110) against the spread is not bad for the Packers, and that’s the smartest pick heading into Sunday’s game.

New Orleans Saints: -6 (-110)
Green Bay Packers: +6 (-110)