The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Finals may have just come to a thrilling end less than a week ago, but in today’s fast-paced, high-tech times, you can already place a wager on the team or teams you like to win next season’s championship hardware.

Whether that’s a Vegas Knights team that came up agonizingly short in its quest to become the first expansion team in North American sports history to win it all – or the newly crown champion Washington Capitals, you cash in big with a season-long futures odds wager on just the right team.

Best of all, thanks to a bit of expert insight and a look at the futures odds to win the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup, you’re going to have a great opportunity to make a wise NHL futures odds wager right now. Okay, with all of that said, let’s get started.

Odds to win 2019 Stanley Cup Final

The Favorites

Tampa Bay Lightning: 8/1
Vegas Golden Knights: 8/1
Boston Bruins: 10/1
Nashville Predators: 10/1
Pittsburgh Penguins: 10/1
Toronto Maple Leafs: 10/1
Winnipeg Jets: 10/1
Washington Capitals: 14/1


The Tampa Bay Lightning (54-23-5) led the Eastern Conference in points (113) while also leading the league in scoring despite coming up one series short of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. Still, Tampa Bay will almost certainly contend again next season.

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Vegas (51-24-7) has a great goaltender in Marc-Andre Fleury and a bunch of scrappy overachievers that play with a chip on their shoulders. If that collective chip is still there (It will be) I see no reason the Knights won’t contend after they finished the season ranked fifth in scoring (3.3 gpg) and eighth in goals allowed (2.7 gpg).

The Boston Bruins (50-20-12) were outstanding in ranking sixth in scoring and fourth in goals allowed this season. While their playoff hopes got cut short this postseason, I believe they’ll easily contend against in 2018-19.

The Nashville Predators (53-18-11) have come up a tad short in each of the last two years, but with an elite goaltender like Pekka Rinne and a handful of gifted offensive performers like Filip Forsberg that helped the team finish seventh in scoring and second in goals allowed, I think it’s a no-brainer that Nashville is one of the top contenders in the West!

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Pittsburgh (47-29-6) While Sidney Crosby and the high-scoring, two-time defending champs had no problems lighting the lam this season, they clearly missed the service of veteran goalie Marc-Andre Fleury who made the all-star team for Vegas this year. If the Pens play any sort of defense next season, they’ll challenge.

Toronto (49-26-7) Toronto can score with any team in the league. If the Leafs play any sort of defense, they’ll contend for something big in 2018-19!

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Winnipeg (52-20-10) The explosive Jets are my pick to win it all next season after watching them finish the season ranked a stellar second in scoring (3.3 gpg) and equally impressive fifth in goal allowed (2.6 gpg).

Washington (49-26-7) Washington can certainly score and they’ve got a still-blossoming goalie in Braden Holtby. The Caps have been really elite for the last three season and I see no reason why they won’t be in 2018-19 either!

The Contenders

Edmonton Oilers: 20/1
San Jose Sharks: 20/1
Anaheim Ducks: 25/1
Columbus Blue Jackets: 25/1
Dallas Stars: 25/1
Philadelphia Flyers: 25/1


The San Jose Sharks (45-27-10) are a team I’d really keep an eye on next season seeing as how they ranked a solid 13th in scoring and even more impressive 10th in goals allowed and took Vegas six games in the postseason. Edmonton (36-40-6) is another team that you may want to keep an eye on despite the fact that the Oilers underachieved in a big way after their eye-opening 2016-17 campaign two years ago.

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The Rest of the Field

Calgary Flames: 30/1
Chicago Blackhawks: 30/1
Los Angeles Kings: 30/1
Minnesota Wild: 30/1
Colorado Avalanche: 40/1
Florida Panthers: 40/1
New Jersey Devils: 40/1
St. Louis Blues: 40/1
Carolina Hurricanes: 60/1
Montreal Canadiens: 60/1
New York Islanders: 60/1
Arizona Coyotes: 80/1
Buffalo Sabres: 80/1
New York Rangers: 80/1
Vancouver Canucks: 80/1
Detroit Red Wings: 100/1
Ottawa Senators: 100/1

Analysis: Out of this last group of long-shot title hopefuls. I like Minnesota to make a potentially deep run in next season’s playoffs. The Wild ranked an identical 11th in scoring and points allowed and have a nice mix of veteran leadership and youthful exuberance.

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