The New York Giants had an impressive 2016 season in the NFL, ending with an 11 – 5 record and finishing second in the NFC East Division. The improvement was a significant step up from their 6 – 10 record of 2015, where they only finished third in the NFC East. They also had some strong performances on the road, and their home record was an impressive 7 – 1 for the season. Not everyone was expecting the Giants to come out and impress crowds last year, but they still did it anyway.

Coming off of a fairly solid season, it might be time to give the team some confidence for the year ahead, at least after you’ve seen what the experts have had to say. Here are five predictions from leading sports news networks, which could help you to make your own predictions for the season ahead.

Fox Sports is Positive for the 2017 Season

Fox Sports is not always the most generous in their predictions, but they do seem to be putting a lot of confidence in the New York Giants for 2017. The final prediction from Nick Wright is a solid 12 – 4, which would make for a slight improvement over the previous year.

Wright has put a good amount of confidence in the defensive setup of the Giants for 2017, and thinks that their only losses will come from the Cowboys, the Buccaneers, the Redskins, and the Raiders. Wins against teams like the Lions, Rams, and Eagles, shouldn’t be too difficult for the Giants, and they should also be able to overcome the Seahawks when they play them in the upcoming season.

Richard Janvrin Makes His New York Giants Prediction for Bleacher Report

Mirroring the prediction from Fox Sports, Richard Janvrin has projected a 12 – 4 season record for the New York Giants in 2017.

Brandon Marshall could prove to be an excellent acquisition in wide receiver, and combined with players like Sterling Shepard and Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants are in a very strong position. Eli Manning will be able to work well with these players, further reinforcing the fact that the Giants have a great setup for 2017. Janvrin has called the defense ‘rock solid’, despite losing Jonathan Hankins. While some might find it hard to believe that the Giants will be able to win the division title this year, Janvrin has pretty much called it as the only eventuality. For anyone wanting to see New York as the champions of the NFC East Division, then 2017 could be a great year.

Bleacher Report has predicted that the toughest game will come in Week 13 when the Giants play the Oakland Raiders. Seeing them as fairly matched, this should be a grueling battle with neither team giving much away. Mark that one on your calendar if you’re looking for one of the hardest contests on the field this year.

Giants 2017 Sports Illustrated Prediction with Jonathan Jones

Jonathan Jones has a slightly lower final record prediction, but for good reason. He’s calling the New York Giants for 9 – 7.

In his comprehensive Sports Illustrated prediction series, Jones has justified the relatively low record as being a result of the NFC East being such a tough division to compete in. He goes on to say that ‘These Giants will be much better than your typical 9 – 7 team’. They should be able to make the playoffs if they can keep up their quality of play throughout the season.

Week 12 is the Sports Illustrated ‘Pivotal Game’ of the season, where the Giants will play against the Washington Redskins. This will be a prime time game and considering that these two teams have quite a healthy rivalry, it will be one that is worth watching. If the Giants are able to beat the Redskins then they’ll carry that momentum to later games against Oakland, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Arizona.

ESPN Prediction for the Giants in 2017

Jordan Raanan is predicting for ESPN, with a conservative projected record of 10 – 6.

Raanan doesn’t believe that 2016 will be an easy season to replicate, especially considering that the Giants will have a much tougher schedule this year in a division that is full of talent. However, even if this season might be more difficult than the previous, the ESPN prediction still believes that the Cowboys can succeed, thanks to their excellent defense that stays largely untouched when compared to last season.

The New York Giants will be opening the season on the road when they head off to play the Dallas Cowboys in a primetime Sunday spot. This is a tough way to start the season, and nobody would believe that this is going to be an easy game. Two other early games against Philadelphia and Tampa Bay will also be a challenge, so the team needs to start the season charging for victories, if they’re to gain the momentum that is needed for a winning season.

Doc’s Sports Not Optimistic for the Giants in 2017

Doc’s Sports aren’t too generous in their prediction of 9 – 7 for the upcoming season, and it gets even worse when you consider that they are leaning more towards the under, which would make it an 8 – 8.

Chris Vasile isn’t confident that the Giants have done enough with their offensive line to keep up with what other teams are doing, and cites the Cowboys, Eagles, and Redskins as teams that are doing better in terms of improvement for 2017.

In the case of the New York Giants, the expert predictions lean more towards the positive end of the scale. This is definitely a team that has proven itself on the field, and with the right circumstances, 2017 could be a great year from them. It’s important to remember, however, that the team is in a tough division and they’ll be playing some of the best franchises in the sport, so your own predictions should take a challenging calendar into account.

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