Although they lost a shot at the playoffs by losing to the New York Giants in the final week of their 2016 season, the Washington Redskins still managed an 8-7-1 record for 2016. This year they will continue under Head Coach Jay Gruden, for his fourth season with the team. They’ll be hoping to improve their record, but as we all know, there are a number of things that need to fall into place for this to happen.

This season will be particularly special as they play the Rams in L.A., in a stadium where they haven’t won for 43 years. It’s has been 23 years since they’ve played the Rams at their old home arena, so no matter what their season record turns out to be, that will definitely be a game to watch.

Putting games of historical importance aside, it’s time to take a look at five expert predictions for the Redskins in the upcoming season.

Chris Vasile Makes Predictions for Doc’s Sports

The Washington Redskins were the final team included in Doc’s Sports predictions for the 2017 season, and sports writer Chris Vasile predicted the team at a fairly underwhelming 7 – 9.

Vasile called last year’s defense ‘terrible’, but does note that Ryan Anderson and Jonathan Allen could bring new life to the team, and could possibly have an impact on the defensive game. As far as the offensive game goes, Vasile isn’t overly optimistic, and doesn’t see a player like Kirk Cousins making much of a difference. Doc’s Sports is leaning towards the under for 7.5 wins in the season in total, so we could be realistically looking at just 6 wins if Chris Vasile’s prediction turns out to be accurate.

Fox Sports Prediction for the Washington Redskins in 2017

As far as Fox Sports is concerned, the Washington Redskins will have an average season with an 8 – 8 record. This would be roughly on par with last season, so it isn’t exactly unexpected from a mainstream sports network. According to Predictions from Nick Wright, the best chances for winning will come from games against the Eagles, Rams, 49ers, Raiders, Vikings, Giants, Broncos, and the Seahawks. However, this might seem overly optimistic, considering that the Giants are expected to have a strong season, and should be considered along with the Cowboys as being able to make the playoffs in their division. A Redskins win against the Rams at home may also be difficult, especially given the home advantage and the lack of experience that the Redskins have in LA.

John Keim Predictions for ESPN NFL Nation

Keim is leaning towards a more positive prediction for the Redskins in 2017, projecting a final record of 9 – 7. Keim thinks that the team could have the goods to go through to the playoffs, noting that their defensive changes may be enough to make a difference. With a quick start to the season the team could get the momentum that they need, so those initial games against Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Kansas City, will all be especially important. The Redskins have an early BYE week this year so being able to carry some positive momentum into Week 6 could be beneficial for the team. After that point, they’ll be coming up against strong opposition like Dallas, Seattle, New Orleans, and New York, so the mid to late season games are going to be especially challenging.

Sports Illustrated Predicts the Washington Redskins 2017 Season with Jonathan Jones

If you want to see what could happen right at the other end of the scale, then just consider the 6 – 10 projected record from Jonathan Jones at Sports Illustrated.

Jones wasn’t impressed with the previous season, and thinks that the currently vacant General Manager position will hurt the team in the long term. Lacking leadership at that level could destabilize a team, even with a strong coaching system in place, and it’s surprising to see that none of the other analysts have mentioned this fact in their own predictions. Jones believes that a turning point of the season will come right after the BYE week, with a match against the 49ers. This will be played at home at the FedExField, so there is a slight advantage already in favor of the Redskins. Picking back up after a week off could create some momentum, even as the difficulty of the competition picks up later in the season.

Bleacher Report Looking Ahead at the Redskins 2017 Season Record

Bleacher Report is giving an expert prediction that is right on point with Sports Illustrated, for a final record prediction of 6 – 10.

Richard Janvrin at Bleacher Report is hinting at a regression for the Redskins in 2017, as they enter an era of uncertainty regarding key players and even organizational structure. There’s also the fact that they have tough competition in their division, which is something that others have pointed out whenever talking about the Cowboys and the Giants. Even the Eagles won’t be an easy opponent for Washington when it comes to Week 7.

Janvrin is calling Week 9 to be the toughest game of the season, when the Reskins head to Seattle to play against the Seahawks. A game in Seattle is never an easy one for the visiting team, and that’s ignoring the fact that Seattle looks like the better opponent on paper. Janvrin’s final line on his prediction pretty much sums up the season for the Washington Redskins; “Their schedule is tough, and they have holes. Plain and simple.”

While there are some minor differences in the predictions for the Redskins in 2017, there’s no credible news outlet or analyst that expects them to set the NFL world on fire this season. They’re in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL, and there’s even some uncertainty within their own organization. A low record is a real possibility for this team, and they may not even be able to match their performance from last year’s season.