Every team that qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will get at least 3 games out of their trip. Some of the match-ups make it quite clear which of the 32 teams will only get to play those 3 games before packing their bags and heading home. As far as the final standings in each group go, there are a few that will essentially come down to a single game to determine who finishes where in the group. In the case of Group G, it is likely to be Matchday 3 that plays the deciding role, as that is when the favorites in this group, Belgium, and England will go head to head. That also means that Tunisia and Panama will meet up in the final group game, with the winner of that one likely landing the consolation prize of 3rd place. The question now is just how those games will shape up and who will land where. That is what we are going to try and predict here.

Predicted Group G Winners – Belgium

Belgium is the favorites to land on top of Group G, and for a very good reason. They have what is arguably the best starting eleven in the world, although the Golden Generation, as they have been named, have yet to put it all together at a major tournament. Given how they made it through the qualifying group, not losing a game and scoring 43 goals along the way, there are definite signs that they may finally have gelled. They should have already punched their ticket by the time they meet England in the final game of the group, and give how this team can score, they should also have superior goal difference. A draw against the English will be enough to see them through on top.

2018 FIFA World Cup Expert Pick to win the Group G 2

Who Gets the Other Qualifying Spot in Group G – England

England are going to be the main threat to Belgium in this group, but this is a team that has made a bit of a habit of huffing and puffing against smaller teams, often eking out wins in games that they should be dominating. That said, they should still be more than good enough to navigate this group and move on to the knockout stage. The pressure should be off by the time that Belgium comes knocking, which is why I think they may just come up a little short against the group favorites. I think England will end up occupying the second spot in Group G.

2018 FIFA World Cup Expert Pick to win the Group G 1

Who Misses Out in Group G – Panama and Tunisia

The other game on Matchday 3 in group G will feature the minnows of this group. If truth be told, finishing third in this group would likely be viewed as a success for either of these two, so look for them both to go all out for the win in that final game. For me, it is Panama who has a little more of an offensive threat, which is why I think they might get a result against Tunisia. Let’s go with Panama in 3rd and Tunisia at the bottom of the group.

2018 FIFA World Cup Expert Pick to win the Group G 3

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