Winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup in football is a monumental task, especially when you consider that the road to winning it all takes about 2 years to travel. We will crown a champion in July after all the games are said and done in Russia, but who will the champion be? The list of previous winners is not particularly large, which suggests that it may be a familiar name that we see crowned as champions. Getting to the final begins with negotiating the group stage. This can prove to be tricky, as the group games are very often cagey affairs where everyone is afraid of losing, especially in the opening game. Today, we are going to dig into Group C, where France, who won the World Cup on home soil back in 1998, are the favorites. Will they end up on top, or will one of the lesser lights shine the brightest?

Predicted Group C Winners – France

The reality here is that the French have a squad good enough to create two very good teams, which is a luxury that the other teams in this group do not have. The French are not a perfect team, though, as they do have a couple of glaring weaknesses. The first of those is that they are rather sparse at the full-back position, while the other is that they very often play down to the level of their competition. Tying with Luxembourg, one of the smallest soccer nations in the world, in qualifying is an example of how this team can sometimes just fail to show up. I’m not so sure they will have that sort of letdown here, though, as this looks like a group that is seriously focused on the task at hand. France should land on top rather comfortably.

2018 FIFA World Cup Expert Pick to Win World Cup Group C France

Who Gets the Other Qualifying Spot in Group C – Peru

Okay, this is where things get a little tricky for me. In my initial analysis of this group, I had Denmark landing in the second spot, but that all changed with some news that came out late last week. It looked as though Peru were going to be without the services of Paolo Guererro, a man they rely on for goals, but he was deemed eligible to play after a ban for alleged PED use was suspended for the course of the tournament. Not only does this give Peru more attacking bite, it will also give them a morale and confidence boost ahead of their first World Cup appearance since 1978.

2018 FIFA World Cup Expert Pick to Win World Cup Group C Peru

2018 FIFA World Cup: Expert Pick to Win World Cup Group B

Who Misses Out in Group C – Denmark and Australia

Like I said, this is a pick that could backfire on me in a big way, as I look at Denmark and Peru as being interchangeable int hat number two spot. Peru certainly did not look very good in a recent exhibition game against Scotland, but they were without the service of Guererro for that one. I would not be surprised if Denmark got second, so bet the way you see fit here.

I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that it is going to be a short visit to Russia for the Socceroos. They are definitely the odd man out here, and while they will go out and have a go, they will ultimately come up short.

2018 FIFA World Cup Expert Pick to Win World Cup Group C Australia Denmark

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