Anyone looking to make a bet on the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor fight, will only need to take a look at the odds to see who is the favorite to win. If you believe the sportsbooks, Floyd doesn’t have much of a chance of losing this upcoming bout. However, as all sports fans know, there’s always a chance for the underdog to come through and win, and with betting that makes for some very lucrative odds. Conor McGregor is arguably the best fighter in his weight class in MMA at this time. Putting him in a professional boxing fight takes away a lot of the arsenal that he’s used to using, but he’s still considered to be a powerful puncher. If he can nail the technicalities of boxing, and learn enough about Floyd’s defense, then he will at least have a chance of making it through the rounds, and there’s even a slight chance that he’ll land some powerful hits and maybe even a knockout to upset the bookmakers. If you want to get into McGregor’s mindset, and learn a little about what he will need to do to win this fight, then you only need to look back at some of Mayweather’s previous fights. Here are four of them where we think the best insights can be gained.

Mayweather’s Previous Fights:

Mayweather vs Alvarez – Distance Won’t Win This Fight

When Mayweather fought Alvarez in 2015, many believed that the Mexican’s height and physique would give him an advantage over Mayweather. What ended up happening was that Alvarez tried to fight from a distance and Mayweather ended up landing better and cleaner punches, leading to a win by Majority Decision. Conor McGregor also has a height advantage over Mayweather, and he has the additional benefit of an advantage in reach. But, just like Alvarez, he won’t be able to rely on a distance battle, because Mayweather’s ‘best in the business’ defense and technical prowess will mean that he wins by decision in that type of scenario. We’re unsure of how McGregor will box on the night, but we can be fairly confident that he’s going to be up close and personal, and crowding Mayweather’s defense.

Mayweather vs Mosley – A Knockout is The Best Strategy

If we assume that Conor McGregor doesn’t have the experience to outbox Mayweather in a technical sense, then his next best option is to go for a knockout. In 2010, Mayweather fought Shane Mosley. Although Mosley was outclassed throughout the fight, and Mayweather ended up winning by unanimous decision, there were some moments where it looked like Mosley could cause a massive upset. In Round 2 came Mosley’s best chance, as he landed a seriously powerful punch that might have knocked most fighters out. Mayweather was so shaken up from the punch that he ended up holding Mosley for the rest of the round, essentially shutting down his offense. What McGregor can take from this is that with enough hits, Mayweather could go down. However, it will take everything that Conor has, as Mayweather’s chin is criminally underrated. Conor should go for whichever hits are open, rather than relying on counterpunches to get the knockout blow that he needs.

Mayweather vs Chavez – A Relentless Offensive Can Pay Off

In 2001, Jesus Chavez put up an impressive fight that he ultimately lost in the 9th round through a TKO. Earlier in the fight, however, anyone backing Chavez’ corner would have had more than a slight hope that this was going to be Mayweather’s first loss. Chavez was never going to win the fight on technical boxing, and what he lacked in overall class and experience, he made up for with sheer determination and ferocity. Even as he was pushed back by Mayweather, Chavez still dropped his head and went for any punch that he could connect (and even some that he couldn’t). There were points of the fight where he was stopping Mayweather’s ability to counterpunch by simply being too active. While it ultimately didn’t work for Chavez, a fighter with a higher level of fitness and with more power, might be able to make a relentless attack pay off. McGregor has shown his ferocity and early fight energy in the past, but the key for him against Mayweather will be keeping up his attack throughout every round. If he can’t land a knockout, then the upcoming fight is going to be a long and grueling battle. If McGregor has developed the fitness in recent months of training, then we could see a frenzied attack making holes in Mayweather’s defense.

Mayweather vs Paquiao – Footwork is Important

The Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fights was one of the most hyped fights in recent history. While many were hoping for a fierce battle of two titans with very different boxing styles, what we actually got was a fight that Mayweather controlled from end to end. Pacquiao is definitely not as fast as he once was, but in 2015 he was still one of the best in the business. However, despite Pacquiao’s pedigree, he couldn’t compete with the evasive defense and footwork that Mayweather is so well known for. Mayweather was confident throughout, despite the pressure of it being the biggest fight of his career at the time. From this fight we can take more evidence that Mayweather’s defensive skills are the best in boxing, bar none. Mayweather not only limited any damage coming from Pacquiao, but he also initiated hits of his own, despite being the defensive minded boxer that he is. Perhaps more importantly, we can see that Mayweather brings his best fighting when he is under the most pressure. The Pacquiao fight had been building up for years, but for Mayweather, it seemed just like any other fight. Despite Conor’s tendency to go on the verbal attack before his fights, we can safely assume that none of the words are sticking to Mayweather, and that he’ll be absolutely poised and focused for their fight this weekend. The Mayweather vs. McGregor fight takes place this August 26th, and we’ll be updating with more insights and predictions before the event.